Get The Best Perth Water Filtration System Installation & Maintenance Service

Oct 21, 2021

Are you looking for the best deals on whole house filters and countertop filtration systems in Perth? You’re in the right place! Freshwater Group offers the most advanced filtration systems.

If you want to ensure you’ve got pure drinking water whenever needed, these filtration solutions are ideal.

Freshwater Filtration Systems has announced a new rebranding, and will now be known as Freshwater Group. They offer cutting-edge filtration systems, freshwater filtration solutions, and water filters for cleaner, more pure drinking water throughout Australia.

You can choose from cutting-edge countertop products, whole house filters and more – all at affordable prices!

Find your ideal setup at:

Following the newly announced rebranding, the team is committed to ensuring the highest levels of service for local customers.

They install and supply the best water filtration systems for all types of kitchens. In addition to this, they offer servicing and support for customers with system issues.

If you’re looking for fast, reliable service, the team offers expedited installation, with filtration systems setup and installed within 48 hours. Those who need quick repair work can get in touch for same-day assistance.

The Western Australian-owned company has been serving the local community since 1964, and developed a reputation for quality products and customer service. They only stock premium NSF-certified filters, and work hard to ensure you always have safe, clean drinking water available.

Products include countertop filtration systems, single undertop options, twin undertop products, and whole house water filters. You can also buy reverse osmosis solutions, gravity filters, shower filters and fridge filters.

Those looking for parts and accessories will be able to browse the full range of faucets and taps, leak controllers, scale reduction units, and water testing kits.

The water filter solutions available from Freshwater Group can be attached directly to the incoming water supply to ensure that you always have access to pure drinking water.

Filtered tap water provides a number of benefits over tap water or bottled water. Impurities are removed through the filtration process, which leads to a cleaner taste. Filtered water is also healthier, and can help to support the immune system.

A recent customer stated: “We were delighted to have Roy and the team recently put a filter in the house. It was a quick and very neat job and we appreciate Roy taking the time to educate us on the most suitable option. Super experience and a tailormade solution. Great team to deal with.”

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