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Jun 14, 2017

Parents On Demand Network, a media company broadcasting a variety of parenting and childcare podcasts, launched a new trial membership program for interested podcasters. The six-month trial offers free access to all POD membership benefits, including wide distribution on the POD and affiliate networks.

Parents On Demand Network (POD), a media company providing a wide range of podcasts centered around parenting, childcare, pediatrics and education, announced a new free membership trial program for interesting podcasters. POD offers its members a wide range of benefits, including extensive promotion through the POD official website, individual webpages for each podcast episode, promotion via the POD app, access to private Facebook podcast groups and many others.

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Podcasts have seen a sharp growth in popularity in recent years, as the quality of the programs has increased and more and more people have begun to appreciate the convenience of listening to podcasts during various daily activities. The widespread use of mobile technology has also contributed to this rise in popularity, with a wide range of podcasts on different topics being created every day.

Parents On Demand Network is a media company offering a wide selection of high-quality parenting, pediatrics and childcare podcasts. Started by prominent media figure Sunny Gault, POD has grown considerably in recent years, featuring highly-acclaimed podcasts such as PediaCast, TwinTalks, Newbies, The Nourished Child and many others.

POD has recently announced a six-month free trial program for podcasters looking to join the fast-growing network. Through this trial period, podcasters whose applications will be accepted will benefit from the full range of membership benefits without paying any fees or being bound by a membership contract.

Membership in the POD network comes with an enticing range of benefits for parenting podcasters, including access to a wide audience via the POD website, having individual webpages for each podcast episode, being featured on the new POD app, having the POD membership announced through professional press releases on hundreds of media websites, and the optional benefit of a portion of the advertising revenue.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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