Get The Best Ozone Therapy For Faster Recovery & Healing At Fairfax IV Center

Sep 11, 2023

Have you recently had surgery? Cancer treatment? Making a recovery from injury? For a faster journey back to fitness and a healthy, balanced you, try Ozone therapy at Gentle Wellness Center! (703-996-3999)

Looking for safe and natural ways to speed up your recovery from illness or injury? Give your rehabilitation some acceleration with Ozone therapy at Gentle Wellness Center!

The popular Fairfax, VA-based functional medicine practice offers you an array of innovative alternative therapies for a wide range of health conditions. Ozone acts as a powerful therapeutic solution to fatigue, circulatory issues, and cardiovascular health. Utilizing the power of UV light, the treatment adds energy to red blood cells to kickstart a chain of recovery within your body.

Give your body a fighting chance against illness and infection with Ozone therapy at Gentle Wellness Center. More details at

The dedicated team offers you an array of cutting-edge treatments as viable alternatives to invasive procedures or pharmaceutical interventions.

Ozone, according to a clinical review by the Journal of Natural Scientific Biological Medicine, has been used extensively within the medical field for more than a century. The gas acts as a powerful sterilizer when used in small, controlled therapeutic doses and helps to modify oxygenation in resting muscles, decrease blood cholesterol, and stimulate antioxidative responses.

Ozone therapy at Gentle Wellness Center may also offer improvements in your metabolic rate and mitochondrial function and can increase nitric oxide which helps to lower your blood pressure and is good for Type 2 diabetes.

The treatment has also been used to enhance the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, limiting stroke damage, and reducing abnormal heart rhythm as well as stimulating your brain function and memory.

The procedure lasts for around 45 minutes and is performed in a dedicated IV room. A small amount of blood is drawn which is then mixed with saline before Ozone is added to the solution. Finally, this mixture is injected back into your bloodstream. The treatment is highly controlled and is considered one of the safest alternative medicine interventions. You're unlikely to experience any adverse side effects.

You're invited to schedule a free consultation to discuss your requirements and to decide if Ozone therapy is right for you.

A spokesperson says, “When used medically, the gas administered is NEVER inhaled and only given in precise therapeutic doses. At Gentle Wellness Center, we use naturopathic, long-lasting solutions as opposed to traditional medicine.”

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For a natural health boost and faster healing, you need Gentle Wellness Center!

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