Get The Best Online Yoga Classes For Improved Flexibility And Core Strength

Nov 22, 2020

Looking for the best one-on-one online yoga classes for you? Check out the new comprehensive virtual yoga classes at Jiva Yoga Academy and start improving your yoga practice today!

If you’re looking for online yoga classes for stress and pain relief, the team at Jiva Yoga Academy have the solution for you!

Jiva Yoga Academy, a Yoga Alliance Accredited school based in Rishikesh, India, announced the launch of an updated range of online yoga classes for students worldwide. These comprehensive yoga classes are conducted by highly experienced and dedicated yoga masters.

The newly launched one-on-one online yoga classes at Jiva Yoga Academy aim to promote relaxation and help you find a sense of relief.

The ongoing pandemic has many people self-isolating in their homes and experiencing fears about the global health crisis. To help those struggling with day-by-day pandemic sadness and anxiety, Jiva Yoga Academy is offering one-on-one online yoga sessions.

These online yoga classes allow you to have more flexibility in your schedule. You can choose when to practice your classes, without having to set aside time and money to get to the class at the studio.

In addition, the Jiva Yoga Academy online classes are an excellent way to destress, build strength and become more flexible.

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Vikas Pradhan of Jiva Yoga Academy is an accomplished teacher of both Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. He has more than 10 years experience teaching his students the yogic lifestyle.

Vikas also has a master degree in Yoga From “Punjab Sindh Kshetra University” and can offer expert insights to Ashtanga vinyasa and Hatha yoga.

Throughout his yoga classes, Vikas emphasizes body awareness and control, actively engaging muscles you may not be accustomed to engaging and strengthening them so you can live pain-free, improve your balance and build core stability and strength. You can also experience physical, mental and emotional shifts.

A satisfied student said: “Vikas is so great to learn with. He’s such a fun teacher and you really become like family with the whole team. Lessons were fun, engaging and challenging, but I came out much better for it. I can’t believe the transformation that happened and I’m thankful to have had such a strong team supporting me the whole way.”

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