Get The Best Mindfulness Program To Boost Morale And Reduce Workplace Stress

Jul 7, 2020

A new mindfulness workshop to boost workplace morale has been launched by a leading stress management coach. Pandit Dasa says that now more than ever, employees need to be supported to aid their wellbeing.

Is your team or organization practicing social distancing? Are your team members feeling stressed and anxious? Would you like to improve productivity while reducing stress? If you’ve answered ‘yes’, this is the mindfulness workshop for you!

A New Jersey based business leadership and stress management coach, Pandit Dasa, has launched a new mindfulness program to boost morale in your workplace.

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The newly launched keynote program is a 60-minute session focusing on mindfulness practice with a group discussion. It is ideally suited to you if your organization or team is adjusting to social distancing restrictions and requires a morale boost.

In case you are wondering, workplace stress and anxiety is a leading cause of work-related illness, sick days, and lost income. Mindfulness expert, Pandit Dasa suggests that now more than ever, maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health is crucial in order for your team to remain productive while at work.

The keynote program will explore the importance of positive relationships, the myth of multitasking, how to eat for wellbeing, tips to ensure regular quality sleep, and why maintaining a personal hobby is key.

There is a science to mindfulness, which is often overlooked when it is discussed. Pandit Dasa will teach you about the science behind the practice while also guiding you through a variety of stress-reducing techniques. The aim is to improve your productivity and emotional intelligence.

The safe and supportive environment created by the expert mindfulness coach enables you and your team to explore negative behaviors or thought patterns in order to change them and move forward. Personal development is an important aspect of the session as it provides an opportunity to reflect on potential character improvements.

Breathing techniques to reduce stress are demonstrated in a bid to provide you with a practical and actionable solution. Additionally, Pandit Dasa will teach you and your team how to improve your ability to focus and concentrate, how to shift from a negative to positive mindset, and how to respect team members through appreciation.

A happy attendee wrote: “As a manager, it’s important I set a good example to my team – I take it as a personal responsibility. But since the social distancing measures, I have found it hard to motivate my team and stay positive myself. The workshop Pandit gave us was brilliant – it was just what we all needed. I highly recommend booking a session!”

You can book a mindfulness workshop via the website link provided!

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