Get The Best Menopause Probiotic Natural Supplement For Symptom Relief

May 6, 2020

Looking for the best way to reduce menopause symptoms? Check out the new menopause probiotic supplements at MenoLabs to reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes and maintain a healthy weight!

If you're looking for a natural way to combat the symptoms associated with menopause, you should try menopause probiotic supplements!

MenoLabs, a women's helth reserch company in Tucson, Arizona, announced the launch of a new range of menopause probiotic supplements. Formulated by top menopause researchers based on 20 years of studies, these new products include patented probiotics, vitamins and herbs that replace numerous other supplements.

Perimenopause and menopause can be a very confusing and difficult time in a woman’s life. The newly launched range of probiotic supplements at MenoLabs aims to provide relief during all stages of menopause.

Menopause and hormone changes alter the gut microbiome, affecting your entire body and mind. However, research into women’s health is scarce, especially research into perimenopause and menopause.

Frustrated by the lack of knowledge women face as they enter menopause, Danielle Jacobs and Vanessa Ford created MenoLabs, a research-driven company. They assembled a team of researchers, scientists and doctors in an effort to better understand menopause and help you with the most frustrating and commonly-faced symptoms, such as hot flashes, weight gain and anxiety.

MenoLabs currently has three products on the market and several more in the research and development phase. MenoFit, MenoGuard and MenoGlow offer support for hot flashes. In addition, MenoFit addresses weight gain while MenoGuard improves heart and bone health and MenoGlow promotes optimal hair, skin, teeth and nail health in menopause.

All products at MenoLabs are natural, safe, hormone free, and can be purchased without prescription.

More information can be found at

MenoLabs is a woman-owned and operated company that aims to revolutionize the way women transition into menopause. Its goal is to help you gain access to scientifically proven natural health care products, supplements and high-quality probiotics that can keep you healthy and productive throughout your life.

Co-founder Vanessa Ford said: "We are also creating an app so that women have a one-stop shop to get support, find research, and really get a good understanding of what is happening to their bodies and why. We’re very excited about helping women go through menopause with support, knowledge, and the confidence that comes with knowing that they are not alone."

You can find more info by clicking on the link above.

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