Get The Best Memorial, Houston Critical Dental Care For Chipped & Broken Teeth

Jun 23, 2022

Of course, you know what tigers eat after the dentist fixes their teeth. Duh. And that’s why Dentist 101 of Houston (713-773-1300) – very reasonably – has a strict no-tigers policy and why they are always on hand and available for your dental emergencies!

Get The Best Memorial, Houston Critical Dental Care For Chipped & Broken Teeth

The three magic words: kind, gentle, comfortable. That is, they – not you! – are kind and gentle, so that you can feel more comfortable. Dentist 101 of Houston knows well that patients are often dentist-phobic, even when they are in pain.

The practice, which includes a team of multilingual dentists and specialists, offers emergency dental repair treatments for you and your family if one or more of your teeth are chipped or cracked. In the case where a front tooth has been chipped, the team typically employs a naturally tooth-colored composite resin to perform a bonding procedure.

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Dentist 101, led by Dr. Jessica Su DMD, also provides emergency root canal treatments for more serious cracks and breaks, where there is damage to the nerves of the tooth. Such instances can result in significant pain that a crown or cap alone cannot fix.

Almost 40% of Americans suffer at least one cracked tooth during their lifetimes, according to one study – though other research indicated the issue may be more widespread. Problems related to cracked teeth are the third leading cause of tooth loss after caries and periodontal disease; as the population ages, it is likely that the issue will become even more prevalent.

Dentist 101, which features a state-of-the-art facility, is well equipped to deal with emergency dental repairs. Their goal is primarily to stabilize you if you are in pain and then to determine the extent of the damage. After consulting with you, the team will determine the best way forward.

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Chipped teeth can have a range of causes – from eating hard foods to untreated cavities, and contact sports. Dental bonding isn’t a permanent solution and can degrade over time as a result of normal chewing and daily use. Instead of being temporarily patched with bondage, the chip can be treated with a porcelain veneer that covers the entire tooth, depending on your preference.

Dentist 101 also offers a wide range of additional treatments, including dental crowns, deep cleaning, teeth extraction, dental implants, and general preventative and restorative oral health care. The clinic accepts most dental insurance programs, including non-managed care, indemnity (traditional), and PPO out-of-network. The staff will also help you process any necessary paperwork.

One patient commented: “Great dental experience. Dr. Su was very friendly and welcoming. And her technique for applying local anesthetic is amazing. I’ve always felt little to no discomfort during my visits. The team here is great as well. Karla and Shawn have been awesome with scheduling. I highly recommend this location.”

It’s one thing to fix your teeth in an emergency. It’s another to get a long-term, reliable, caring dentist who can look after your family for years to come.

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