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May 5, 2021

Interested in practice management software for your medical business? Contact Power Diary today for critically acclaimed healthcare administrative task technological solutions!

Give your staff and patients the administrative support they deserve – contact Power Diary for a free trial of their top-reviewed practice management software today!

Power Diary, a leading international medical practice management software company, launched its medical clinic management system in the United States. The company offers technological healthcare administrative task solutions to medical practices of all sizes.

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The recently launched clinic management software is already used in more than twenty-three countries, and now Power Diary brings its critically acclaimed practice management system to the U.S., providing your U.S. healthcare facility with the same reliable administrative support software.

Practice management software is an application or bundle of applications specifically developed for healthcare provider practices. It helps to simplify and organize your appointment calendars, patient management, and billing and finances, creating a more efficient and professional presentation to your clients.

Power Diary’s mission is to create “empowered health practices” through their software, significantly improving your operational efficiency. The ability to attach notes and flags to your client files improves internal communication. The clinic management software also includes billing and finance functionality, enabling your practice to close invoices faster and more consistently.

Your staff can quickly and easily fill schedule gaps using the client waitlist, boosting your patient satisfaction and making the best use of your time. Automated smart reminders by text or email greatly reduce your patient no-shows.

The software is completely cloud-based, making it equally accessible through desktop machines in the clinic reception area or your mobile device. It also keeps your data secure and 100% HIPAA compliant.

Paul Adler, a twenty-five-year veteran of technology project management, collaborated with his brother Damien, who ran a successful psychology practice. Together, they built Power Diary to be both responsive to medical practice needs as well as technologically sound. Their software is used by a wide range of healthcare providers, including mental health specialists, physical therapists, speech pathologists, and nutritionists. For more details, please visit

One satisfied Power Diary user: “Great customizable practice software! Power Diary is able to easily be customized for the way I run my practice. Plus, the customer service team is very responsive.”

Power Diary is the healthcare practice management system you need to deliver consistent quality patient experiences – contact them today for a free trial!

Ready for the best-featured clinic management software available? Go to to find out more!

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