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Aug 25, 2021

Looking for the best digital marketing experts? Call JFT Web Marketing today for their innovative SMS marketing services to help grow your business!

Is your business ready to grow and bring customers back? – call the marketing experts at JFT Web Marketing for their text marketing services!

JFT Web Marketing, a technology company focused on lowering costs and increasing revenue for small businesses, has updated its SMS Marketing services to help businesses engage with their clients more effectively. JFT Web Marketing partners with locally-owned businesses to help them reach their potential as high-performing organizations.

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JFT Web Marketing’s recently updated SMS Marketing services allow businesses to reach their customers quickly, easily, and directly using the short message system marketing strategy.

Using SMS marketing offers a direct and immediate communication channel, allows shortcodes to be used to simplify responses, helps to boost customer engagement, and offers a simple way to monitor and track the results.

JFT Web Marketing’s text messaging software helps to build customer trust with branded “from” names. Sending SMS is simple thanks to immediate returns from engagement and click-through rates. 90% of people open a text message within 3 minutes of receiving it. JFT Web Marketing allows businesses to create strong relationships with their customers by including their in-house SMS tools in their marketing automation.

JFT Web Marketing has 3 SMS Packages including their Bronze Package, Silver Package, and Gold Package. The Bronze Package is $97 per month and helps build an SMS VIP club that allows up to 1,500 SMS messages per month. Their Silver Package costs $197 per month and allows up to 2,500 messages per month. The Gold Package is $297 per month and helps to build a loyalty VIP, email, and celebration club for the business. This package allows up to 4,000 messages per month.

JFT Web Marketing separates itself from its competitors by providing its customers with the support and services they need to fully operate their businesses. The company focuses on innovation and constantly bringing in new out-of-the-box ideas.

A satisfied client said: “JFT Web Marketing is amazing. We have talked to so many different companies and no one listened to our real needs. Our account manager Tonya was nothing short of amazing. Follow up like nothing I’ve ever seen even after the sale to make sure we were happy and using our equipment. I will refer my friends to JFT Web Marketing and Tonya every time.”

JFT Web Marketing are the trusted digital marketing experts you can rely on – call them today at 1-888-671-9283 for all of your business marketing needs!

Ready for the effective SMS marketing solution your business needs? Click on to find out more!

JFT Web Marketing also helps locally owned businesses get 5stars in 5 days, details:

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