Get The Best Long Island Home Automation Heating Control Power Saving Solutions

Jan 16, 2018

Long Island home automation experts Concepts Automated updated its services to provide homeowners with cutting-edge energy-efficient smart home solutions. Clients benefit from custom home automation allowing them to control heating and energy supply, thus improving energy efficiency and maximizing comfort.

Concepts Automated, a professional home automation company based in Long Island, launched an updated range of services for clients interested in improving their energy efficiency. The company provides custom home automation solutions adaptable to the needs and preferences of each client, including Loxone Smart Home, RTI, Vera Controls, On Controls and various others.

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Home automation is essential for homeowners looking to control various residential systems, including power, lighting, HVAC, heating and locking. While traditional thermostats have been in use for quite some time, modern home automation systems allow homeowners to remotely control their home temperature via their smartphones or other smart devices, thus improving energy efficiency while also increasing comfort.

Concepts Automated provides a full range of custom home automation services for homeowners in Long Island and the surrounding areas.

Clients can choose from a wide range of systems such as Loxone Smart Home, Vera Controls, RTI, On Controls, Insteon and Lutron Controls. Custom solutions are also available, the company offering complete system installation and software support for homeowners looking for accessible, high-quality home automation services.

With the help of the Concepts Automated home automation solutions, homeowners can remotely control a variety of home systems, with scheduling functions also available to improve security and comfort.

For maximum heating efficiency and comfort, homeowners can pre-program their preferred interior temperature. Further energy efficiency can be obtained by cutting power to unused appliances, thus reducing phantom load (electricity consumed by turned-off appliances).

The recent service update is part of the company’s efforts to provide cutting-edge home automation solutions for homeowners in Long Island and the surrounding areas.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Concepts Automated is a local, U.S Veteran owned and operated business. It is about sharing our love for technology and educating people on the importance of controls and automation as well as exposing the benefits that come with it. Our mission is to provide outstanding quality and service to all that are embracing the future through technology and automation.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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