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Jun 28, 2017

Obvious Marketing, a London marketing and business agency, launched a complete range of done for you digital marketing services. The company offers lead generation, mobile marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, online branding, web design, press release writing and distribution and many other services.

Obvious Marketing, a business and marketing agency based in London, announced a full range of updated done for you digital services. The company provides mobile marketing, social media marketing, website design, online branding, SEO, PR and various other services for local businesses looking to increase their online visibility and attract more clients.

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Online marketing has seen important developments in recent years. Surveys show that more than 90% of all consumers use Google searches and online reviews to find information on products and services, making many businesses invest significant resources in digital marketing services.

Obvious Marketing is a professional branding and marketing company based in London offering a wide range of both strategic and digital marketing services. The company works with professional marketers, social media experts, web designers and other professionals to provide comprehensive digital solutions for businesses both in the UK and in countries around the world including the USA, Singapore and New Zealand.

Social media has become one of the most important tools for businesses looking to connect with potential clients. As 80% of all internet users have at least one social media account and approximately half of all social media users follow brand pages to get shopping recommendations, the importance of social media campaigns is set to continue to increase as more users move online with the astonishing growth of mobile internet usage.

Obvious Marketing was founded by marketing expert Sam Waterfall in 2003 and has grown to provides complete social media marketing solutions for businesses in a wide range of industries. The company works closely with each client to determine the most appropriate marketing strategies, create and leverage viral content, target specific audiences and create long-term campaigns to attract potential customers.

The London marketing agency also offers online branding services. From logo creation to content marketing, brand awareness and reputation marketing, the company provides a wide range of solutions to help client businesses improve brand image and increase online visibility. The full list of services can be found at

Obvious Marketing offers various other services, including marketing coaching for senior managers, marketing coaching for teams, professional press release writing and distribution, video marketing, web design and more.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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