Get The Best La Quinta Sciatica Treatment From Top Rated Chiropractic Doctor

Nov 22, 2020

Spinal Injury Center is the only chiropractor in the Coachella Valley to use the advanced Antalgik-Trak spinal decompression machine – go to for the quality therapy that will improve your function and mobility!

Looking for the best way to get rid of pain and improve your function and mobility? This Indio chiropractic center offers cutting-edge treatment for sciatica, herniated discs, spinal stenosis and many other conditions!

Spinal Injury Center, a chiropractic office based in Indio, California, announced an update of its treatments to provide the innovative Antalgik-Trak spinal decompression procedure. The non-invasive procedure allows for gradual decompression based on precisely calculated movements adapted to your unique needs.

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The latest announcement aims to provide patients in the Indio and La Quinta area with access to an effective therapy that can improve a wide range of conditions. Spinal decompression can be useful in the treatment or management of herniated and degenerative discs, sciatica, spinal stenosis and many others.

The practice uses the Analgik-Trak technology, being the only chiropractic office in the Coachella Valley to use the innovative machine.

The Analgik-Trak system is based on identifying optimal levels of spinal motion. The machine features multiple adjustable sections that are positioned in a way that increases your comfort and promotes improved function and mobility.

Unlike older spinal decompression machines, the Antalgik-Trak varies the spinal posture each session, using a variety of pulling motions to increase therapeutic efficiency and eliminate your risk of injury or inflammation.

Dr. Marco Cazares, director of Spinal Injury Center, was trained by David Bass, the creator of Antalgik-Trak.

With the latest announcement, Spinal Injury Center continues to expand its range of high-quality chiropractic care services for patients in La Quinta, Indio, Palm Desert, Coachella and the surrounding areas. For more details, please visit

In addition to spinal decompression, the practice can also provide professional massage therapy, chiropractic care, nutritional counseling and other services.

A satisfied patient said: “After struggling with sciatica and back pain for months I decided to seek medical care. From the moment I made my appointment to the day I went in for my care I received nothing but excellent treatment. Dr. Cazares was very thorough when assessing my problem. He took the time to not only explain where my problem was but also my treatment options. His extensive expertise in the field is unmatched.”

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