Get The Best Interactive Self-Care Tools For Busy Professionals With This App

Aug 25, 2022

Take time out of your busy day to connect with yourself and others in the unique 29k community. This free app is packed with evidence-based mental health tools and exercises that you can practice even in the middle of a hectic schedule.

Get The Best Interactive Self-Care Tools For Busy Professionals With This App

Have you been struggling to find time for self-care? If life feels overwhelming and you want to learn how to cope better, try the mental health tools on the amazing, and free, 29k app!

The app has gone live with updates to its innovative, mobile-friendly platform for on-demand, evidence-based therapeutic exercises, and community support.

29k offers you an expanded range of features, intuitive digital tools, and educational resources. The app's extensive collection of self-help exercises is designed to be integrated into your daily routine, providing content and reflective tools that offer a practical solution to finding time for self-care amid a busy schedule.

Find some time and find some solace in the midst of a busy, stressful day. Give your mental health a bite-sized boost with 29k. More details at

The 29k app now incorporates a larger database of courses covering everything from self-compassion, leadership, stress management, and relationships. Since its initial launch, the platform already has over 126,000 regular users, connecting with one another through the app to build a supportive and easily-accessible network with a global reach.

Features include expertly-curated, self-directed exercises, micro-interventions, meditations, and action tasks. A group chat function keeps you connected to other members and you can share journeys and experiences. You can take courses individually or as part of a group and will also receive notifications and reminders about your scheduled exercises.

Tools include relationship maps - giving you a bird's eye view of your interactions with others and guidance on how to nourish these connections. The responsive design makes interactive features like the self-care cup, vulnerability puzzle, and acceptance slider an engaging and intuitive experience for subscribers.

A range of tests - covering everything from self-compassion and stress to sleep monitoring - helps you assess your current needs and promote self-awareness. The app's meditation exercises give you another opportunity to reflect, absorb, and practice mindfulness in your daily routine.

About 29k

29k is an open-source, co-created non-profit dedicated to widening access to mental health tools. The platform is funded by a global network of philanthropists, ensuring that the app and its services can be accessed without charge. The company was established in Stockholm

A spokesperson says, Sweden by Erik Fernholm, Niklas Adalberth, and Tomas Bjorkman in 2016., “29k is a non-profit tech startup on a mission to make transformational growth available to everyone. We merge science and technology to scale positive psychology, helping people to grow what we call the super skills of the 21st century: Curiosity, Perspective Taking, Empathy, Sense-making, and Self-Determination.”

29k continues to innovate in the field of mental health and personal development support in the digital age. You can download it for free via the App store and Google Play. What are you waiting for?

Reboot your mind the easy way with 29k. For more info, go to

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