Get The Best Hurricane Earthquake & Nuclear Disaster Prepping Survival Kit For Your Family

Aug 14, 2017

Disaster Preparedness Awareness launched the Perfect Survival Kit Deluxe, a comprehensive family survival kit containing a wide range of emergency items. From first aid supplies to food and shelter, the kit is designed to sustain four people for up to three days.

Disaster Preparedness Awareness, a company specializing in survival and prepping equipment, announced a new family survival pack. Comprising medical supplies, energy and food bars, shelter and protection equipment and various other items, the Perfect Survival Kit Deluxe is ideal for small families looking to prepare themselves for any emergency situation.

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Prepping and survival are typically considered niche hobbies for many urban residents, especially since the well-connected infrastructure and public services reduce the damaging potential of most natural disasters.

However, emergency situations arising after hurricanes, floods and even nuclear incidents may be too devastating for people to rely exclusively on outside help. In such events, having access to basic survival equipment is essential.

Disaster Preparedness Awareness launched the Perfect Survival Kit Deluxe, a complete emergency survival pack for families of up to four members.

The kit was designed to cover the basic needs of four individuals for up to 72 hours, including everything from first aid tools to nonperishable food supplies and many others.

With the new emergency kit, families can have access to Canadian and US Coastguard-approved water and food supplies, including 48 pouches of Datrex water and four 2400-calorie tabletized food bars.

First aid supplies include four particle masks and four personal kits containing various bandages, antibiotic ointments, gauze pads and other items.

The kid also contains a variety of multi-purpose tools, including a multifunctional pocket knife, squeeze flashlights, light sticks, sleeping bags, working gloves, nylon ropes and various others.

According to a spokesperson for Disaster Preparedness Awareness, the kit was designed based on real life survival experience: “Sparked by our team members’ real life experience in earthquake survival, we knew what it took to survive. Reliable food, water, communication, shelter, sanitary and hygiene needs are critical. Our company’s primary goal has always been saving lives thorough preparedness.”

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