Get The Best Hospital Grade First Aid Kit For Optimal Emergency Help

Mar 9, 2017

Patch Up Product LLC, a Georgetown, Connecticut professional first aid supply company, announced its’ state-of-the-art medical grade Patch-Up First Aid Emergency Kit. These professional medical supplies offer everything necessary to provide assistance in common emergencies for small to medium size groups, providing safety and well being in the home, office and outdoors.

Patch Up Product LLC, a first aid supply company based in Georgetown, Connecticut, has launched a hospital grade Patch-Up Emergency First Aid Kit designed for a variety of emergency situations.

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Emergency kits are essential in a variety of private and public spaces, as they offer the means to provide adequate first aid when necessary. Most institutions are legally required to have first aid kits, with some states imposing similar regulations on vehicle owners as well.

For people who work in remote areas without easy access to professional medical help, a well-stocked first aid kit is crucial. Since the quality of the emergency care items is extremely important – poor adhesive bandages, for instance, can cause unnecessary bleeding – it is crucial that the first aid kit be of hospital grade quality.

Finally, a reliable emergency kit must be large enough to provide first aid for more than one person, since sports, outdoor adventuring, camping, fishing or hunting often involve groups.

Patch Up Products LLC is a first aid supply company specializing in several types of emergency care kits. Their newest product is a hospital grade emergency first aid kit offering professional emergency supplies for small to medium size groups. The first aid kit contains 275 individual pieces and 40 hospital grade unique items.

The kit contains a large number of items to help the user deliver first aid in a variety of emergency situations. Essential medical supplies are included such as scissors, tweezers, a resuscitation device, emergency blanket, ice pack, cotton buds, safety pins and disposable gloves, a face mask, thermometers and more.

First aid is crucial in cases of bleeding cuts. The Patch-Up Product First Aid Kit includes a wide range of adhesive bandages, wound pads and gauze tape of different sizes.

Other items include tongue depressors, eye patches, a bonus travel pouch, as well as a variety of other first aid essentials.

The Patch-Up First Aid Kit is available on Amazon.

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