Get The Best Funeral Scam Hidden Costs Avoidance Program In Burlington NJ

Aug 26, 2020

Looking for the best funeral fraud detection solutions in Burlington, New Jersey? Contact The LoveLife Group today for the experts who will help you avoid falling victim to fraud!

If you want to avoid funeral scams, this new program is the solution for you!

The LoveLife Group, a professional insurance agency in New Jersey, announced the launch of a new funeral fraud protection program. The agency serves clients throughout New Jersey, including Willingboro, Burlington, Wrightstown, Trenton, and more.

Unfortunately, many criminals take advantage of those grieving the loss of a loved one or making end-of-life preparations by using funeral fraud schemes. The newly launched funeral fraud protection program at The LoveLife Group aims to fight against funeral fraud.

According to a recent report, funeral costs have increased between 8 to 25% from March to July, 2020. This means that people are overspending when grieving and that funeral homes are taking more advantage of their client’s grief.

The LoveLife Group explains that funeral fraud can take many different forms. Some funeral homes charge clients excessive fees for funeral services or charge for unnecessary products or services, such as an overpriced casket. These deals often focus on the “discounted” rate of the casket but other fees are added in or even increased.

Another example of funeral fraud is when funeral homes provide you with a lower quality product than promised, and may pressure you to sign over an insurance policy in order to ensure payment to the funeral home.

With every insurance policy purchased at The LoveLife Group, you benefit from a professional funeral fraud protection program at no additional cost.

The team at The LoveLife Group are dedicated to helping your family in time of need. Every policy comes with a membership serviced by former funeral directors who will get the best available pricing on your behalf, at the time of death, usually about 45 minutes to an hour after they are notified of the death of the policyholder.

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When working with The LoveLife Group, the program can lock in pricing before the policyholders loved ones get to the funeral home. In addition, policyholders can make or change funeral plans in advance, before their death, over the phone.

The team will contact the funeral home, cemetery, crematorium, church, other family members as well as price shop for merchandise including flowers and caskets and other businesses and institutions on the deceased policyholder’s behalf. They will also find other funeral funding sources for you, if needed.

You can find more at the link above.

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