Get The Best Father’s Day Storybook With Family Stories At A $20 Discount

Jun 16, 2017

New Mommy Media, a parenting and family media company, announced its collaboration with StoryWorth to offer its listeners the chance to create custom storybooks for Father’s Day and other special events. StoryWorth offers its clients personalized storybooks based on a year’s worth of family stories.

New Mommy Media, a media company creating various parenting podcasts, announced a partnership with StoryWorth, a company producing custom storybooks. The collaboration aims to help New Mommy Media listeners offer personalized storybooks for fathers or husbands to celebrate Father’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and other special events.

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Family stories are a perfect way to bridge the gap between different generations, and a custom storybook represents a unique gift idea. StoryWorth is a company creating custom storybooks based on short weekly stories collected from each subscriber.

The new partnership comes as a result of the efforts of New Mommy Media to collaborate with various companies, service providers and other professionals in the fields of parenting, education and family.

Through this collaboration New Mommy Media listeners benefit from a discount on a subscription to StoryWorth. The company sends weekly questions for their fathers, who can answer them either in writing or by audio recording. After one year, the collection of stories is compiled into a custom electronic or hardcover book, which can be offered as a gift for Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions.

This personalized gift idea has enjoyed a significant success since StoryWorth was officially launched in 2012, helping many families throughout the world connect through the power of storytelling.

Sunny Gault, creator of New Mommy Media, has her own StoryWorth subscription, which she uses to connect with her father: "My parents live across the country so my family doesn't see them very often. Storyworth has been a fantastic way to help bridge that gap. Each week, Storyworth sends questions to my dad, and it's been so fun to hear him reminisce about his childhood and share stories about what life was like when my brother and I were growing up. The finished book will be absolutely priceless and is sure to become a family heirloom that will be passed down through generations."

New Mommy Media listeners can benefit from a $20 discount on StoryWorth subscriptions by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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