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Dec 15, 2016

Buckeye Power Systems LLC, a professional electric standby generator solutions company based in Memphis, Tennessee, launched a complete range of power generators. Whether you’re looking for a small model for your home or business, or for large industrial diesel generator, Buckeye Power Systems has everything you need to stay powered through any blackouts!

Buckeye Power Systems LLC, an electric standby generator solutions company based in Memphis, Tennessee, launched a diverse range of electric standby generators including air- and liquid-cooled, diesel and portable options. Featured brands include a full line of products from Cummins Power Generation and Generac Power Systems.

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Back-up power solutions are necessary especially in areas where the electric power grid is weak, resulting in more frequent power outages. Regions where extreme weather phenomena are frequent are especially prone to power outages, and residents living in such areas are always looking for reliable electric standby generators.

Buckeye Power Systems LLC is a Memphis electric standby generator solutions company launching a variety of automatic standby generators, from large liquid-cooled models to smaller, air-cooled and portable options.

The Memphis company offers cost-effective, air-cooled standby generators with a capacity of up to 22 KW. The larger air-cooled models are powerful enough to run a 5-ton air conditioner, plus house lights and receptacles.

David Richey, President of Buckeye Power Systems, recommends the Cummins RS20A for homeowners looking to power a single air conditioning compressor and other house circuits. "The Cummins RS20A provides optimum performance and is, in fact, the quietest air-cooled generator on the market," Richey said, adding, "It's also an affordable solution."

Buckeye Power Systems also offers liquid-cooled generators, with models ranging in size from 22kW to 125kW. Liquid-cooled generators are more costly than air-cooled generators and are suitable for long term outages lasting days or weeks.

The Memphis company also provides diesel generators up to 125kW and higher. Larger industrial generators are also available for special order.

Finally, Buckeye Power Systems also provides portable generator solutions for homeowners and small businesses looking for a more cost-effective solution. These generators range in power up to 17,500 watts and have built in gasoline tanks. Larger commercial towable generators can operate in a range of voltages and the easy towing capabilities allow contractors to quickly deliver portable power to customers.

The company offers free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48-states and no sales tax (except in Tennessee). David Richey encourages customers to telephone Buckeye Power Systems for additional discounts from advertised pricing. "Manufacturers set minimum advertised prices (MAP)," Richey said, "but we offer additional discounts when customers call. We also offer tips on generator sizing and installation tips."

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