Get The Best Dry Glide Back & Body Shaver With An Extended Ergonomic Handle

Feb 15, 2023

Shaving those pesky, tough-to-reach areas on your back can be tough. That’s why you need the Back and Body Shaver from Fuze Brands, so you can reach those difficult places!

Get The Best Dry Glide Back & Body Shaver With An Extended Ergonomic Handle

Shaving your back is no longer a monumental task, thanks to the Back and Body Shaver from Fuze Brands!

The innovative shaver provides you with a pain-free, extra-close shave without the struggle of having to bend and twist in the mirror or get someone else to do it. The shaver uses a double blade for maximum shave capabilities.

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If you're like most men, your back is probably one of the more challenging parts of your body to shave. Studies have shown that 65% of men have never even tried to shave their backs, citing difficulty, embarrassment, and masculinity as reasons why. Another reason often cited is a lack of suitable tools to do so.

That's where the Back and Body Shaver from Fuze Brands comes in.

The Back and Body Shaver for Men features two stainless steel blade cartridges capable of shaving wet or dry backs. The razors can glide smoothly with or without shaving cream, and provide an even shave without any cuts or nicks.

For a better reach, the Back and Body Shaver features a 10-inch long ergonomic handle, which allows you to follow the contours of your back more comfortably. The handle is also foldable up to 180°, allowing for easy storage.

As its name implies, the shaver can also be used for the rest of your body. The blade can be removed from the handle and used to shave your chest and abdomen, ensuring the shave is consistent all over.

The Back and Body Shaver requires no batteries to operate. It's also very easy to maintain. The blades can be cleaned with simple warm water and soap.

“I was very skeptical at first,” said a satisfied customer. “I’ve seen these types of products advertised before and didn't know how they would work without a shaving cream or something like that. But the Back and Body Shaver worked really well and didn't hurt or pull hair. It didn’t leave razor bumps and cuts, either. I’m just sorry I didn't buy it sooner.”

The Back and Body Shaver for Men is available on the Fuze Brands website for a limited-time price of $29.97. Also for a limited time, Fuze Brands is including a free Stainless Steel Waterproof Nose Clipper with any purchase of $75 or more.

In addition, they offer free worldwide shipping, buy more-save more discounts, a 3-month guarantee, 24-hour fulfillment, and price matching on all products.

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