Get The Best Drug & Alocohol Addiction Recovery Treatment Services For New Jersey & New York City At This Jamison Clinic

Feb 15, 2017

Get the best treatment for addiction recovery with unique, tailored recovery courses and residential care facilities with Avenues Recovery, whose licensed clinicians provide a wide range of treatment options for local clients.

Avenues Recovery has launched a new site helping people to get the care they need in various stages of addiction recovery. Avenues primarily focuses on its 30-day residential partial hospitalization program, and offers counselling sessions daily from 9-3, followed by community meetings and functions under leadership and supervision.

More information can be found at:

Avenues Recovery's treatment curriculum follows an abstinence based holistic approach incorporating the 12 step principles. It also offers evening intensive outpatient therapy for local clients.

The Avenues Recovery clinical team includes licensed clinicians experienced in co-occurring, drug and alcohol, and family services. It prides itself on its high levels of care and attention to every client, with a commitment to guide people through the referral process ensuring they will be working with the appropriate provider both financially and clinically.

The site explains that the unique recovery residence includes clinical care. The 6,000 square foot residence features 10 bedrooms, with three living rooms and an in-ground pool, as well as an outdoor hot tub, stocked fish pond, and over three acres of tranquil surroundings on the banks of Neshaminy Creek.

This means that clients can stay there in peace, enjoying a wide range of amenities. The location's rustic feel offers a safe, private, and holistic environment steeped in the principles of the 12 steps.

All Avenues programs are open to any individual interested in gaining support for his or her recovery from addiction. The unique and tailored services provided by All Avenues responds to the needs of the individual, and both individual and group therapies are provided.

Clients can take part in mindfulness based engagement, including yoga and outdoor activities, personal and professional relationship management workshops, and community skill groups. In addition to this, Avenues Recovery offers free transportation services for those enrolled in all of its programs.

Interested parties can find full details of the therapies and curricula on the URL above, and get in touch using the contact details provided. To discuss problems with the addiction treatment specialist, people can call: 1-855-200-8585.

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