Get The Best Dodge County Electronic SR-22 Filing For High-Risk Drivers

Jan 18, 2023

Do you require an SR-22 to drive? Do you live in Dodge County? If “yes” to both, let the professionals at Middleton, WI insurance agency Compliance Insurance get you back on the road!

Make sure you have all the necessary documentation to drive with a little help from Compliance Insurance!

The Middleton, WI-based insurance agency's SR-22 service provides you with the form you need to show proof of automobile insurance and financial responsibility. The form is usually required by the court or mandated by the state and must be filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to keep your Driver’s License valid.

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An SR-22 is not a type of insurance; it’s a form showing that you have sufficient insurance to legally operate your vehicle. “Drivers who are required to have an SR-22 have usually committed some driving infraction within their state,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Each case is different, but the most common infractions include DUIs, reckless driving, or driving without insurance.”

Whatever the infraction may be, Compliance Insurance’s SR-22 service provides you with the documentation you need to drive safely and legally. Their insurance professionals process each SR-22 to ensure they satisfy court orders, and if needed, file them with the DMV electronically on your behalf. Electronic filing typically gets the SR-22 attached to your Driver’s License in two days.

Unfortunately, some auto insurance companies do not handle SR-22s and may cancel your existing policy if one is required. However, most of the companies Compliance Insurance partners with can process SR-22 filings without canceling policies or adding exorbitant surcharges.

Once the SR-22 is filed, it’s the responsibility of your insurance company to inform the DMV of any changes made to the insurance policy. Failure to do so can result in your Driver’s License being suspended and may require a new SR-22 form to be filed.

Depending on the original infraction, driving without an SR-22 can also incur further penalties. These penalties can include extensions on SR-22 time frames, fines, license revoking, impoundment, and even jail time.

A satisfied customer said: “Compliance Insurance is awesome. I had my insurance with them when I needed an SR-22 and it was inexpensive and done on the spot. The DMV had the form within a half hour and I was on the road not long after that. I can’t thank them enough.”

If you require an SR-22, visit Compliance Insurance's website to get a free quote. One of their insurance professionals will discuss your situation and figure out what steps to take next. The average SR-22 form costs about $25 and lasts as long as an insurance policy is kept active, or until the form is no longer required by state or court order.

Compliance Insurance has been serving Middleton and the surrounding area since 1988. In addition to SR-22s, Compliance Insurance also offers provides insurance for vehicles, homeowners, motorcycles, boats, travel trailers, renters, and personal effects.

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