Get The Best Disability Support Broker For Your DDA Dependents In Lanham Now

Jul 7, 2022

Do you or a family member have developmental disability issues? Are you making the most of your DDA budget? Talk to Community Health and Education LLC (240-755-5591) in Lanham, Maryland about their support broker services to make sure you’re accessing the best care available.

Get The Best Disability Support Broker For Your DDA Dependents In Lanham Now

Are you getting the most out of your DDA funding? Take back control of your disability services with a Support Broker. Talk to Community Health and Education Services LLC today!

If you're enrolled in the Developmental Disability Agency's (DDA) Self-Directed Services (SDS) Program, the renowned Lanham, MD-based disability services organization can help you!

Community Health and Education Services LLC provides expert guidance and resources to those living with disabilities and their support networks. The company's Support Broker team offers decades of experience in helping you locate and access the most appropriate services for your needs.

Make sure the DDA really delivers for you and your family. Don't let disability deny you the right to a life lived to the fullest and with the highest standards of care. More details at

You'll benefit by gaining more control and autonomy over decisions regarding your care, assisted by a broker who understands the needs of disabled people and possesses the knowledge to make full use of your DDA budget allocation.

Self-Directed Services is a Medicaid Waiver program designed to give users the ability to control their DDA funding. The DDA works with people of all ages, providing essential support in communities to help service users develop skills and maximize their quality of life.

Community Health and Education Services LLC can appoint a Support Broker to help you navigate all self-directed elements of the DDA's services. These highly-trained professionals assist you in identifying the right care staff and the most suitable equipment. The broker team works with the Coordinator of Community Services and other key personnel at the DDA, CCS, and Fiscal Management Services.

You and your family will benefit from the broker's expertise in identifying programs that may be of use. The support broker services are paid for by the DDA so that you're not left with large amounts of out-of-pocket expenses.

Led by Dr. Leslie Phillips, the agency serves the disabled community of Lanham, MD, and the surrounding areas with tailored, individual support solutions. All employees are trained to the highest standards, meeting the professional and educational requirements as set out by the State of Maryland.

A spokesperson says, “We review each patient’s plan of care and offer solutions to help them achieve their daily living goals. But we don’t stop there. We review the patients’ care needs on a regular basis to monitor the quality of services they receive. Our reputation in this area for caring, professional services is your guarantee of satisfaction.”

Community Health and Education Services LLC empowers disabled members of the community to make smarter, autonomous choices about their care.

Don't let disability define you. Get a support broker from Community Health and Education LLC, so you can get on with living your life.

Find out what they could do for you. For more info, go to

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