Get The Best Dental Implants In Sofia Bulgaria At This Top Rated Clinic

Mar 18, 2021

Tired of feeling conscious about your teeth? Add a sparkle to your smile and regain self-confidence with dental implants from NuriDent!

Seeking a more lasting alternative to removable dentures to get the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of? Make an appointment with NuriDent and benefit from the expertise of this highly-rated dental team!

Bulgaria, Sofia-based dental implant center NuriDent has updated its restorative dental services for local patients and tourists to the country. The clinic now offers tooth rehabilitation through dental implants for patients looking for an affordable and more comfortable alternative to removable dentures.

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NuriDent is adding the service to help patients missing one or more teeth restore oral health to an optimal state. By choosing implant treatment over prosthesis placement, you don’t need to worry that your dentures may slip out of position when smiling, coughing, or eating. 

In order to support your dental implants, you need to have sufficient bone volume, meaning that if you have a thin or too soft jaw bone you will be likely rejected as a classical implant candidate. NuriDent offers an alternative for you, providing treatment through basal implants that do not require bone displacement or sinus lifting.

Unlike conventional dental implants, where adequate bone quantity and quality are critical, these one-piece implants are not dependent on bone density and volume. Basal implants could be used even if you have significant bone loss. In addition, basal implant placement is a minimally invasive procedure completed in a single session, while traditional implants require a two-stage approach, with several months between the first and the second part of the treatment. Some of the services that they provide are the following implant dentaire tarif,prix implant dentaire,implant dentaire,implant dentaire avis,implant basal.

If you are missing one or more teeth, basal implants are suitable for you, and they are an option if you are completely edentulous as well. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, or periodontitis, you are eligible for basal implants too, as the procedure is considered safe enough for patients with these conditions.

Before the implant placement, the dental team consults you and performs various assessments, including X-ray or computed tomography. Depending on the results, the dentist creates a customized plan for your treatment that follows the latest dental and medical innovations.

NuriDent has been founded by Dr. S.M. Nuri, who is recognized by the International Academy of Cortical Implantology and has a master’s degree in Basal Implantology from the IF Foundation of Knowledge. His team of dental implant specialists caters to both local and international patients seeking to take care of their teeth at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

 Not blessed with a perfect smile? Don’t give up on your dream of beautiful, healthy teeth, and contact the team at NuriDent now!

Ready to get a flawless smile and enjoy an incredible visit exploring Bulgaria? Click on and start smiling again!

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