Get The Best Dental Implants In Dubai – Permanent Missing Teeth Replacement

Sep 11, 2022

Get dental implants that look and feel like natural teeth in Dubai. Reveal Medical Center (+971-4-385-0250) can transform your smile with its best-in-class dental implants.

Get The Best Dental Implants In Dubai - Permanent Missing Teeth Replacement

If you feel self-conscious when you talk or smile in public because of a missing tooth, this trusted dental practice in Dubai can help restore your smile.

Reveal Medical Center’s complete range of treatments includes same-day dental implants, all-on-6, and all-on-4 dental implants. These treatments are suitable if you suffered tooth loss due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or injury. The practice uses modern methods and effective pain management to make the entire procedure pain-free.

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Unlike other prosthetic teeth replacements, such as bridges and dentures, dental implants are durable and more convenient. Once implanted, they offer the same level of functionality and strength as your natural teeth.

Using a diagnostic approach, the dentists will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for same-day implants or the more conventional treatments.

Same-day or immediate load dental implants, as the procedure is also called, allow a temporary tooth to be inserted during the same appointment, so you can walk out with a complete smile.

The practice uses materials that match your natural tooth color when fashioning the replacement teeth, thus blending the implant with the surrounding teeth.

Along with improving patients’ smiles, the dentists will educate you on recommended oral care practices and measures required to prevent infections that might develop into gum disease.

About Reveal Medical Center

Reveal Medical Center is co-founded by Dr. Alaa Abou Laban and Dr. Hussam Mustafa Shaban, two colleagues on a mission to provide innovative dental care to all patients, including children, teenagers, young adults, and seniors.

The practice offers a full range of oral care solutions, from general dentistry and orthodontic treatments to functional, cosmetic, and pediatric dentistry.

“The expertise and friendliness of the entire team are exceptional. Undoubtedly, the best dental-related experience I have ever had,” said a satisfied patient. “From the first day I met Dr. Alaa Abou Laban and her team, I have felt as though I have been cared for and treated like family. My teeth have been in perfect condition since visiting here for the past three years. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Highly recommend.”

Never let a missing tooth stop you from living life to the fullest - get a permanent replacement today and start smiling!

Call Reveal Medical Center at +971-4-385-0250 to book an appointment or visit if you need additional details about the practice.

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