Get The Best Deals On Isolation Gowns For Your Manhattan Health Practice

Dec 28, 2023

Tired of getting poor PPE for your hospital or surgery? For a guarantee of quality from an environmentally conscious company, get all your medical supplies from SurgiMac!

Need medical gowns and lab coats? Looking for high-quality yet sustainable apparel? Choose SurgiMac!

Browse the ultimate range of protective garments for a range of clinical applications. From simple lab coats to isolation gowns, SurgiMac helps keep you and your patients safe and comfortable in clinical settings.

Doing a good job of caring for your patients? Who's looking after you? Protect yourself and your clinical team with premium PPE from SurgiMac! More details at

Nationwide Delivery

You can browse the apparel range in full via SurgiMac's web store. With three bases across the US – Florida, New York, and Utah – you can be sure that goods reach you promptly. Same-day dispatch is available to speed up this process further. Alternatively, you can pick up your orders directly from the warehouse.

Deluxe Dukal

The collection includes the Dukal Isolation Gown. Featuring knit cuffs with a tie-back design, this gown protects you without compromising your range of motion. The cuffs offer you a snug fit while preventing exposure to hazardous materials and fluids.

The gown, which is available in small, regular, and extra-large sizes, is suitable even if you suffer from latex allergies owing to its non-natural rubber construction while its non-sterile design makes it a versatile accessory in diverse healthcare settings.

Pick Your Color

You can choose from a range of colors including green, teal, pink, and white. The green model is made from PP while the other colors are made from SMS material. You can purchase a pack of 10 for just $16.99.

Custom Fit

Other apparel choices include the FitMe Lab Jacket, which features a unique adjustable waistband so you can customize the fit. Knit cuffs and collar make it a comfortable and optimally protective choice. The lab jacket has snap-front fasteners, two hip pockets, a single chest pocket, and can be washed or autoclaved and re-used up to five times.

SurgiMac also stocks Mydent disposable tie-back gowns and protective procedure gowns from O&M Halyard Inc alongside other coats and jackets from brands like Medicom. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here!

Why Choose SurgiMac?

A spokesperson says, “Our commitment to sustainability and quality doesn't just set us apart — it defines who we are. When you partner with SurgiMac, you're not just making a purchase; you're making a statement. A statement that reflects your confidence in obtaining high-quality products that come with the assurance of true value.”

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For the ultimate in premium personal protective clothing for the medical community, you need SurgiMac!

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