Get The Best Customized Safety & Health Manuals For Your Maui, HI Business

Aug 3, 2021

Don’t compromise on the health and safety of your premises, employees or customers. Get trained by the experts at Island Safety Academy to protect your interests in the long term. Call the team today (808-707-0472).

If you own a business in Maui, HI, and want to make sure you are fulfilling all your safety and health obligations, get expert training and inspections from OSHA specialists Island Safety Academy today!

The company are workplace and occupational health compliance experts based in Maui, HI, and they’ve just launched updated services for businesses throughout the island. Whether you’re an owner, employer or employee, the launch provides expert training to ensure your premises and practices meet all necessary safety regulations.

Keep your employees and customers protected with Island Safety Academy. More details here

You can book individual or group training, take advantage of safety program development and management, as well as book health and safety auditing services for your business.

Health and safety in the workplace has been under the remit of the OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, since 1970. Companies such as Island Safety Academy help keep your business compliant with the latest regulations, ensuring that the downward trend in work-related injuries continues.

Island Safety Academy offer you customized safety and health manuals, providing industry-specific protocols to guarantee improved workflow and operational safety. They work closely with you to make sure all occupational practices are optimized for the health and well-being of your staff and customers alike.

You can also benefit from on-site safety services with detailed inspections making sure your company policy is being implemented correctly.

Additional information about their services is available at

Island Safety Academy can ensure that your employees and managers are trained to the highest standards through their online classes, providing leading education in risk management and workplace health and safety standards.

The company bring experience working with businesses of all sizes, across a range of sectors, ensuring efficiency of operations without compromising on legal safeguards and obligations. The dedicated team also provide you with certification of compliance for insurance purposes.

From their headquarters in Maui, HI, Island Safety Academy are committed to helping businesses stay safe in the wake of the global pandemic. Their innovative education programs and occupational health services help businesses throughout Hawaii.

A spokesperson says, “We pride ourselves on protecting people and businesses from exposure to something that causes life, health or economic losses.”

With the launch of their updated occupational safety and health services and education programs, Island Safety Academy continue to help businesses like yours, throughout Hawaii, stay safe and OSHA compliant.

Keep abreast of your public health obligations, manage risk and protect your business for the future. Find out more here

If you want the inside track on what it takes to keep your business OSHA compliant, get expert training and on-site inspections from Island Safety Academy today!

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