Get The Best Credit Repair Service For Improved Finances & Loan Approval

Nov 17, 2022

Maybe you shrugged and patted yourself on the back when you read those creditor letters calling your balance ‘outstanding!’ It’s the honest mistake of an optimist! Fret not, call EZ Credit Fix today and wash away your mistakes!

Get The Best Credit Repair Service For Improved Finances & Loan Approval

On the bright side, misery loves company - and if you've got bad credit today, you have a lot of company!

EZ Credit Fix now offers both credit repair and business funding services if you're looking to improve your finances, qualify for a better job, or secure the funding necessary for your own business.

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The company helps you repair your credit damage by, first, disputing inaccurate, out-of-date, biased, or uncorroborated negative items from your credit report. Moreover, the team can also contest the entire account’s reportability by arguing that the necessary requirements for METRO2 compliance - the standard format for all businesses reporting credit data to the four major credit bureaus - are not being met.

Since consumer protection laws mandate that only physically verified and validated, complete data can be legally reported, this approach is widely regarded as an effective exercise for those looking to repair their credit scores.

Credit card debt in the U.S. has surged to record levels in 2022 - post-pandemic inflation has caused Americans to borrow more than ever, leaving many more households struggling to make ends meet. Credit card balances rose by almost $50 billion in the second quarter alone as families and - younger professionals especially - scrambled to open new lines of credit.

Over-borrowing in an uncertain climate inevitably leads to mistakes that can compound individuals’ financial difficulties in the long run. A poor credit score can shut you out of the housing rental market, for example, and discourage prospective employers. EZ Credit Fix reviews every credit profile and individual situation accordingly before creating a plan tailored to meet your goals.

EZ Credit Fix knows that many people prefer to take care of these matters by themselves, when possible. Is that you? In that case, the team recommends that you familiarize yourself with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices for reference, but contact the company if you decide you need help from a team that works with these laws and bureaus every day!

Initial consultation is free!

Additionally, the company has prepared the ‘Guide to Reading Your Credit Report’ for your reading pleasure!

The team also provides small business and gig-worker funding and business lines of credit for those with $3,000 plus monthly revenue.

“Our goal in the end is to help people help themselves,” said a company spokesperson. “Bad credit reports can be devastating, and often need to be addressed before the client can stand on his or her two feet again and get their lives back.”

Whatever you do, don't let bad credit or insufficient funding hold you back from the goals you've set for yourself. Life is too short for that!

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