Get The Best Competency Based Training For Sales Team To Boost Business Revenue

Jun 14, 2021

Sales Engines has launched its latest guide that breaks down ten vital elements every successful sales training program must have to ensure your team gets the most out of it.

Looking for a training program that can help your sales team learn how to handle objections more effectively and close deals faster? Worried your team may not get the most from their training course? This active performance firm has launched its latest guide that details all the key elements that must be present in a training program that delivers results.

Engine Systems, an independent, active performance firm, has launched its latest guide for employers looking to enhance their sales team’s productivity. The new guide details ten key elements that must be present in a sales training course to ensure a return on investment for employers.

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The newly launched guide from Engine Systems highlights crucial elements you should look out for in a sales training program to ensure your team members get the most out of it.

A report from the American Society for Training and Development Research shows that employers who offer detailed training have 218% higher income per employee than those with less. 

Engine Systems announced the launch of its latest guide to help you identify the best training program available to help boost employee performance and improve your profit margins in the process.

The guide suggests that you should look for training courses that include competency-based content. Training programs that include content around common real-life scenarios sales employees face has been shown to help team members acquire superior skillsets required to excel at their job.

Also highlighted in the guide is the need to have the sales training in a live video format. This ensures the course can seamlessly combine the high engagement level of visual learning with a classroom’s interactivity.

Other points the guide highlighted that you should take note of include ensuring the training course is available online, encourages role-play with peers and offers one-on-one coaching to your employees.

If you are looking to develop your own in-house sales training course, Engine Systems’ team of experts have the experience and expertise to conceptualize and create a training solution that best fits your organization’s unique needs.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of Engine System’s latest consumer products, including a Virtual Accelerator, which is a live 6-hour webinar training; Academy, a self-paced guided and mentored six months training course; and Intensive, a 12-month, one-on-one, intensive coaching program designed to help students take their professional career to the next level.

A company spokesperson said: “With the proliferation of sales training courses, employers have a hard time choosing a program that delivers on its promise. As a result of this challenge, we launched the ten keys to success for sales training courses guide to illustrate what a solid training program that delivers results should look like.”

Engine Systems is a trusted, result-focused performance management firm that is known for helping organizations across sectors including health and educational institutions enhance their team’s performance. They offer training, support, marketing and sales strategy to help improve your company’s efficiency and accelerate revenue generation.

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