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Aug 11, 2021

If you’ve been injured at an oil field or construction site in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, you’d better call David L. Sullivan, PLLC (601-649-4075). He and his team have the experience you want on your side.

When workplace injuries occur, getting the right settlement is never easy. So talk to David L. Sullivan today. 

The attorney’s latest update protects oil field and construction workers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, against mistreatment at the hands of employers. Should you suffer injury, he will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. 

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, fatal injuries for workers in the oil and gas industry are five times higher than the national average. With the latest announcement, David L. Sullivan looks out for workers and families in this dangerous industry. 

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As the attorney explains, the most common accidents on construction sites and oil fields are falls, explosions, heavy machinery malfunctions, electrocutions, and power tool faults. Each can cause you extensive mental and physical suffering. As such, the attorney will calculate the value of your claim and help you receive adequate compensation. 

David L. Sullivan also points out that large companies, insurers, and legal teams will actively deny you access to necessary funds. To do this, they often refute liability and limit you to employees’ settlement benefits, which only cover a fraction of your lost wages. The attorney has extensive experience battling large oil companies and can navigate these practices. 

David L. Sullivan knows that workplace injuries can cause you mental anguish, too. He has the resources to attain non-economic compensation for ailments like anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. The attorney and his team also specialize in automobile accidents, wrongful deaths, and workers’ compensation. 

With the update, he continues to advocate for injured workers in Ellisville, Laurel, Collins, Magee, Taylorville, and Richton. 

About David L. Sullivan, PLLC

David L. Sullivan has practiced law since 1994, and he is an active member of the Jones County Bar Association. He takes pride in providing justice to workers and injured individuals like you in Mississippi. 

“I am so glad I went with David for my case,” said a satisfied client. “He did outstanding work on my behalf and was always available to address even my smallest concern. I highly recommend him and his staff for any legal matter.” 

David L. Sullivan is an experienced attorney you can rely on — call his office today at 601-649-4075 for a no-obligation consultation.

Ready for a lawyer who’ll fight for your rights? Visit to discover how David and his team can help you. 

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