Get The Best Coffee Mug Gift For Your Grandma To Make Her Birthday Special

Apr 23, 2021

Make sure your grandma has a birthday gift that’ll mean the world to her – this coffee mug by Home Treasures Hub is one she’ll be using for years!

Looking for a great gift for Grandma? Remind her what she does best with this funny and heart-warming coffee mug! Its message will show your Grandma just how important she is to you! 

Home Treasures Hub, a USA-based online retailer specializing in assorted gifts for occasions including Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, has launched a new coffee mug aimed at grandmothers. The message “Grandma serves kisses, counsel, and cookies daily” is printed on the mug, providing you with a unique present for your loved ones.

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The coffee mug will make an ideal birthday present, allowing you to express how much your grandmother means to you. The product is made, printed, and shipped from the US to worldwide customers, ensuring that families across the globe can use it as a sentimental, yet practical gift. 

Measuring 3.75 inches in height, the 11oz coffee mug is suitably sized and safe for all the hot and cold beverages your grandma loves. The microwave-safe product is also designed for optimal convenience – you can wash it by hand or in the dishwasher with ease! 

If you’re a grandmother yourself, why not gift this mug to your grandkids as a colorful and heartfelt reminder of everything you do for them? No matter who’s drinking from it, they’ll benefit from the durable ceramic material – this mug will be a keeper for years! 

The company reminds you that their items are not available in retail stores. As such, Home Treasures Hub ensures that you can give your relatives one-of-a-kind symbols of your love and affection.

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Home Treasures Hub emphasized that the white mug makes for an enduring gift, as opposed to disposable or perishable alternatives. They advise you: “Give a gift that lasts all year – always better than a throwaway card or flowers.” 

The product is the latest addition to a range of uniquely designed custom-printed mugs by Home Treasures Hub. Other items in Home Treasures Hub’s collection of gift ideas include personalized bracelets, pendants, and necklaces with accompanying messages – so don’t delay! Grab a gift today! 

Your grandma deserves a gift that’ll warm her heart as she sips her favorite warm drink – click to find out more about the new coffee mug for grandmothers by Home Treasures Hub, alongside family-centered gifts you need!

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