Get The Best Christmas Gift For Adventurous & Curious Girls – A Geocache Crate!

Nov 16, 2022

Give your girls the gift of cache this Christmas. But don’t worry – they can’t spend it! But they can explore like never before and lose themselves in the thrill of adventure – while actually learning! Call GirlCratery!

Get The Best Christmas Gift For Adventurous & Curious Girls - A Geocache Crate!

Just in case you're perplexed about geocaching, let's put it this way: there are over a million active players in the U.S. and there are geocaches hidden in 191 countries on all seven continents. So, yeah, it's a big deal!

GirlCratery offers a practical and hands-on activity kit created to inspire and stimulate girls to learn more about the real world around them. Designed for children between the ages of 5-11, in partnership with the local Girl Scouts branch, the box helps girls find delight and wonder in nature with simple geocaching - or navigational - tools that allow them to hide and seek containers at specific locations marked by set coordinates.

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The non-profit organization's subscription box contains a dangerous plant guide, a geocaching guide, a first aid kit, and all the essential tools needed for a fun-filled and educational ‘modern’ treasure hunt. As with all of GirlCratery’s products, each box is tested out with real girls in the target age group (5-11) and packed with the relevant programming and support tools, complete with stickers and patches.

Many educational psychologists believe that the necessary strictures of school-enclosed learning are not sufficient preparation for children whose life and career choices may depend more on an agile and open mind. STEAM - Science, Technology, the Arts, and Mathematics - is an approach to learning that recognizes the integration of these disciplines as a starting point for guiding your kids’ curiosity and critical thinking skills. While theories of a discrepancy between boys and girls in science aptitude have been debunked, cultural norms and expectations for girls - even for playing and exploring outdoors - persist.

The Geocaching Crate allows girls’ imaginations to open up while teaching them about nature, problem-solving, and participating in communities. Moreover, it is neither difficult to learn nor expensive. Other GirlCratery boxes include the Camping Crate, the Crafty Crate, the Road Trip Crate, and five others.

With each crate, the organization’s goal is to let girls explore on their own or to spend time with an older sibling, parent, or caregiver, doing something together. GirlCratery estimates the value of each crate to be at least $50 - and more if you were to source the items by yourself. They encourage you to use the group’s subscription service to receive a new crate every month - because why not? It's a great time and money saver!

“We believe that all girls should experience the world around them to become the best version of themselves,” said an organization spokesperson. “We think our crates facilitate both learning and fun in a new way - a way that all young girls will enjoy.”

Do it for the girl or girls you care about. Or do it for yourself - think of all the extra time freed up! (that is, if you don't end up joining in and loving it just as much!)

Go to - just see the FAQ section or take a look at all the crates currently available!

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