Get The Best Campaign Automator And Optimizer For Amazon PPC To Lower Your ACoS

May 7, 2021

Looking for the best platform to help with all of your Amazon selling needs? Visit Sellozo’s website today for their innovative software designed to help you optimize your ads and boost your revenue!

Want to improve your success as an Amazon seller? – call the Amazon experts at Sellozo for their essential software that will help automate your campaigns!

Sellozo, an Amazon growth platform created by an advertising agency located in Kansas City, Missouri, has updated its Campaign Studio and PPC Ad Automation and Optimization services for its software to give Amazon sellers the ability to automate and optimize campaigns to lower ACoS by up to 70%. Sellozo’s team are Amazon experts that are dedicated to helping Amazon sellers.

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Sellozo’s newly updated Campaign Studio and PPC Ad Automation and Optimization help you lower your ACoS and increase your revenue with their innovative software.

Amazon ACoS dictates how much you spend on the website’s advertising to earn $1 in revenue. Your ACoS will help to determine how successful your ad campaigns are and how much it costs you to be profitable. The lower your ACoS is the higher your profitability will be.

Sellozo’s Campaign Studio helps you plan, map, and optimize your future promotional strategies. It features virtually-based campaign modeling tools, custom and pre-made campaign templates, algorithm research tools, and easy keyword management.

Sellozo’s PPC Ad Automation and Optimization offers state-of-the-art technology that will guarantee your ads are optimized for the best performance with the help of the company’s experts. Sellozo will automatically detect and disable keywords that are not profitable to your business. The service features automated ad placement, custom ad placement options, one-click campaign optimization, campaign dayparting, and professional support.

Sellozo was established in 2017 to provide a collection of tools that provide best-in-class ad optimization and management for Amazon sellers. The company’s team will help empower you by delivering easy access to data, secure storage, and valuable automation tools. Their wide range of tools and resources are designed to help you scale with certainty and succeed.

A satisfied client said: “Sellozo is a must-have tool for Amazon PPC. I use Sellozo for 3 different FBA companies in three different industries – it is the perfect tool to get the most out of your Amazon PPC spend while minimizing the amount of time you devote to monitoring PPC.”

Sellozo are the trusted Amazon experts you can always rely on – call them today at 816-537-2766 for all of your Amazon selling needs!

Ready to lower your ACoS and boost your profitability? Click on to find out more!

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