Get The Best Burbank Paint Parties For Your Birthday Office & Home Party

May 11, 2017

Paint n’ Sip Parties, a Burbank paint party planning company, launched complete paint party services for clients in Burbank and North Hollywood. The company provides all necessary art supplies and live painting instructions, helping guests explore their creativity through unique works of art.

  • get the best burbank paint parties for your birthday office amp home party
  • get the best burbank paint parties for your birthday office amp home party

Paint 'n Sip Parties, a party planning company based in Burbank, California, announced a variety of paint party services for clients in Burbank, North Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles area.

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Paint parties are a unique way to celebrate a variety of special occasions, from birthdays to corporate events and team building. They provide guests with the chance to explore their creativity, create solid social bonds, and create their own unique works of art.

Paint ‘n Sip Parties is a professional party planning company specializing in paint parties. The company has recently updated its services to offer complete paint party services for various events, including corporate parties, birthdays, private parties, children's events and many others.

The company is mobile, organizing paint parties in a variety of venues, including homes, offices, restaurants and other venues. The company provides all necessary materials, including 16 x 20 canvases, table top easels, paint, brushes, palettes, water cups and aprons. To help guests create an entertaining painting, Paint n’ Sip also provides easy-to-follow, beginner-friendly step-by-step painting instructions.

Paint n’ Sip Parties works with professional event organizers, artists and instructors to offer a memorable experience for guests of all ages, both children and adults. The painting instruction is provided in person by a professional artist, and all lessons are adapted to the specific abilities and needs of the audience.

Paint n’ Sip Parties recommends paint parties as a unique way to ensure office bonding and team building, helping guests discover abilities they might not have been aware of. Kristine Mueller Griffith of Paint n’ Sip Parties declared: “I'm always surprised at corporate events when people who have never painted before find they have an untapped natural ability. Some of the creative twists I see in paintings are really amazing!"

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website, and also at

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