Get The Best Bridgeland, Calgary Unique Lab-Created Diamond Wedding Jewelry

Jul 19, 2022

“Oh – a diamond ring – and Rhett, do buy a great big one!” exclaimed Scarlett in GWTW. So, what’s changed? Well, the reputation of the book and that of mined diamonds! Call Breslauer & Warren Jewellers (403-252-9048) for the best custom lab-grown engagement stones!

Get The Best Bridgeland, Calgary Unique Lab-Created Diamond Wedding Jewelry

If you want a diamond engagement ring, but you don’t know where to even begin, you’re not alone. It’s not something people learn about naturally these days! So, trust the folks who’ve been doing it for over a century!

The family-owned and operated company, which was founded in 1919, now offers custom lab-grown diamond engagement rings next to the Bridgeland neighbourhood in Calgary.

Check them out at

Breslauer & Warren Jewellers’ updated selection includes engagement rings in round cut, princess cut, cushion cut, oval cut, rear cut, emerald cut, three stone, fancy rings, halo rings, and solitaire rings. These no-conflict lab diamonds maintain the same chemical and physical properties as mined diamonds – which are also available through the company.

The North American diamond engagement ring market size is expected to grow annually at approximately 4.5% over the next five years – driven in part by younger generations’ preference for lab-grown stones and personalized ring designs. Customers in the Millennial and Generation Z generations consistently express support for lab-created diamond engagement rings, which – because of their lower pricing – also affords them the opportunity to select larger-sized stones. Furthermore, customization options are considered essential in today’s market – for example, altering the gemstone, choosing the colours of the metal, and adding diamonds to the sides.

Breslauer & Warren Jewellers deliberately focuses on giving you a personalized experience, so you and your partner can be actively involved in the buying and design process. After making an appointment, you can go in for a consultation to discuss your ideas and bring along photos – if you want – for inspiration. Once you’re happy with the mock-up, the company’s custom design shop in New York City can create your jewelry piece within two to three weeks.

And voila! Simple!

Bridgeland clients and others in Greater Calgary – or visitors passing through – can also use Breslauer & Warren’s Custom Design Guide – available on the website – to help them better understand the wealth of options they can choose from. Additionally, the company offers you a wide range of hand-selected gemstones and other gold and diamond jewellery pieces – including diamond bracelets, pendants, and earrings.

One customer commented: “I was very impressed with the level of service I received from Breslauer & Warren. Petroula and Richard were fantastic. With their help, I was able to find the right engagement ring. I did shop around at other jewellers, but ultimately chose Breslauer as I felt that they were much more personalized and professional. I’d recommend Breslauer & Warren to anyone seeking service that goes above and beyond expectations.”

And remember, it’s a triple whammy: if you go with lab-grown, they’re cheaper, plus they’re made in Canada, plus – best of all! – you can do what Scarlett asked for and get a really big diamond!

Go to and take a look at all the shop has to offer and then get yourself over there!

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