Get The Best Brick Township Rooster Comb Injections For Knee Pain Relief

Mar 17, 2020

Jersey Arthritis & Knee Pain Center offers the cutting-edge image-guided rooster comb and gel injections you need to alleviate your knee pain!

Looking for a non-surgical solution for your knee pain? You're about to discover the leading New Jersey clinic that will help you enjoy a pain-free lifestyle once again!

Jersey Arthritis & Knee Pain Center, a Wall Township-based health center specializing in joint pain relief, announced an updated range of services for Brick Township patients experiencing knee pain. The medical experts offer image guided knee injections with viscosupplements for arthritis pain, an effective procedure that has been shown to significantly reduce pain and improve mobility.

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The new update aims to provide a precise and effective therapeutic solution for your knee pain.

Viscosupplements - also known as rooster comb injections - are an increasingly popular approach to treat pain resulting from arthritis and other knee conditions. The procedure aims to replace the synovial fluid within the knee joint, thus slowing the progress of the arthritis and offering sustainable pain relief.

Jersey Arthritis & Knee Pain Center uses high-quality digital imaging to ensure the precise application of the injection, thus eliminating the risk of unnecessary pain or knee damage.

The procedure is non-surgical and takes less than ten minutes to complete. Performed in a safe, clinically controlled environment, viscosupplementation is an effective way to delay or prevent the need for knee replacement surgery.

With the latest announcement, Jersey Arthritis & Knee Pain Center continues to expand its range of high-quality procedures for patients experiencing joint pain, difficulties walking or standing up, and other symptoms.

A satisfied patient said: “From the first moment of the very first day that I visited this facility to help me with my knee I knew there was something very special about it. The receptionists set the tone right off the bat with a warm and sincere greeting that made me feel very comfortable. The intake process was very professional and the professional nature of the examinations led me quickly to believe that my knee was in good hands!”

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