Get The Best Astoria, NYC Energy-Efficient Heating & Cooling Business Solutions

Nov 23, 2022

So it’s mid-November and Buffalo is buried in more snow than it’s ever seen. Anyone expecting that?! Were you? No! Be prepared for surprises! Call Airlogix (844-885-6449) today – for a reliable, long-term HVAC partner.

Get The Best Astoria, NYC Energy-Efficient Heating & Cooling Business Solutions

Did you know that the first people to use a home heating system were the Romans? Why is it always the Romans, Greeks, or Chinese - and then nothing for a couple of thousand years?!

Airlogix, a family-owned and operated company that provides a range of heating and refrigeration solutions, now uses data-driven technology to proactively prevent emergencies for business customers in New York and New Jersey. As a longstanding HVAC services provider, the company offers a range of maintenance contracts tailored to fit the needs of individual clients and to ensure your long-term peace of mind.

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For all of its heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems, Airlogix now provides remote monitoring capabilities for its customers. Company personnel can monitor and manage their equipment - adjusting temperatures in different rooms, for example - in real-time and from any location thanks to Airlogix’s analytics dashboard. Since Airlogix is a 24/7 company, any equipment malfunction can be addressed immediately - and often without the need to dispatch a technician.

The U.S. HVAC market is worth over $17 billion and is expected to grow at over five and a half percent annually through the end of the decade. Several factors contribute to increased demand - most significantly, the unpredictable weather patterns triggered by climate change as well as federal/state initiatives to reward businesses - and homeowners - for installing more energy-efficient systems. For example, New Jersey’s COOLAdvantage Program offers tax credits and rebates on energy-efficient central heat pumps and air conditioners.

Airlogix works with a range of industries, including retail, hospitality, medical, and industrial with solutions customized accordingly. For example, warehouse spaces and distribution centers require larger units to keep the temperature regulated than commercial office spaces - the company will install the proper chillers or heat pumps to ensure employee comfort and worker productivity.

The company’s factory-certified experts can handle any commercial heating and cooling needs, regardless of whether the customer is planning new construction, replacing an obsolete system on an existing building, or wishing to monitor numerous current units in their facility. Additionally, there are no delays while waiting for replacement parts because the company shows up on-site with fully loaded trucks to address any issues right away.

One customer commented: “Cannot thank you guys enough. Our busy medical practice cannot be without AC and when our systems went down we called Airlogix when our old provider couldn't make it in time. They had a team on site within an hour and we were back up and running quickly. Technicians were also very professional and courteous.”

Just think of the time saved - and the ongoing oversight of critical systems Airlogix's controls allow for. Talk about serious peace of mind!

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