Get The Best Aromatherapy Essential Oil Guide To Create Amazing Unique Blends

Dec 29, 2020

Looking for the best tips and tricks to make your own oil rollerball blends? Check out this new essential oils recipe guide at Loving Essential Oils and discover the recipes that your entire family will love!

If you need help making your own essential oil blends, this new guide is the solution for you!

Loving Essential Oils, an aromatherapy blog and resource for essential oils based in the United States has launched an updated recipe guide for essential oil rollerball blends.

The newly launched recipe guide has been created by Loving Essentials Oils owner and certified aromatherapist Jennifer Lane and is available as a complimentary printable guide. It provides step by step instruction on how you can make essential oil blends at home.

Individuals who view the guide will receive instruction on how to make essential oil blend recipes for roller bottles, using popular oils like lavender, peppermint, rosehip, jojoba, and more. These blends can be used for a range of holistic and alternative health therapies and provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

The recipes provide a topical essential oil solution that you can use as massage oils, rollerball remedies, facial oils, beauty sticks, natural lip gloss, and more.

The guide offers you access to 50 different essential oil recipes for rollerball blends and lists their benefits. These recipes include solutions that treat upset stomachs, provide seasonal support, improve focus, ease headaches, and more.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting

You can also find updated advice on dilution in the recently launched guide. All blends in the guide are 5% dilution, which makes them safe for short term use on adults. A kids range is also included as part of the guide. These blends have 1% dilution.

Loving Essential Oils is a family business owned by certified aromatherapist Jennifer Lane who has a passion for natural and holistic health. A range of essential oil resources, including more essential oil recipes can be found by visiting

The company sells essential oil guides on the use of essential oils, including Essential Oils For Beginners and How To Make Essential Oil Substitutions.

You can find more on the launch of the essential oil roller recipes guide at the links above.

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