Get The Best Acupressure Massage In Northwest Edmonton To Alleviate Headaches

Feb 12, 2021

The Evolution Massage Care Clinic in Edmonton, AB has updated its services to include acupressure and orthopedic massages designed to support recovery from injury and ailments including muscle soreness, headaches, and nausea.

Are you suffering from stiffness in your neck or back because of working from home? Are your muscles sore after an intense exercise regime? Do you suffer from a chronic health condition that affects your muscles or joints? Have you considered a specialist massage to treat any of the issues listed above? If you have answered ‘yes,’ read on to find out more! 

Evolution Massage Care Clinic has updated its range of treatments to include deep tissue and acupressure massages. The clinic based in Edmonton, AB serves clients across the province.

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The newly updated treatments are designed to help you relieve tension that may have built up due to stress, your rigorous exercise regime, or a health condition that causes aches and pains.

As you may have heard, since the health crisis began instances of neck and back pain have risen. You may be one of the many individuals that has found themselves working in a makeshift workspace that does not support your body.

Deep tissue sports massages can reduce pain and muscle soreness while aiding your recovery from intense workouts as the process increases your blood circulation, which in turn can improve the functions of both your muscles and joints.

If you suffer from a chronic condition such as rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia, you may benefit from gentle massage techniques or specialist treatments such as a hot stone massage, which is offered by the Evolution Massage Care Clinic.

In addition to deep tissue, sports, and hot stone massages the team at the clinic also offer couples, therapeutic, and orthopedic treatments as well as acupressure massages.

In case you are wondering, the latter is a technique with its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and aims to restore your health and balance by targeting specific pressure points within your body to relieve tension.

It can also be used as a tool to prevent headaches, neck pains, backache, stiff or tight muscles, and insomnia. Additionally, if you suffer from sciatica, you may find the technique useful for treating your pain and discomfort.

Evolution Massage Care Clinic aims to offer something for every client, whether you want to relax, spend time with your partner, or reduce your pain with a sports massage. You can book treatments directly, or you can purchase a gift certificate.

A satisfied client wrote: “This is the best quality deep tissue massage I have ever had. Jovy is very professional and has many years of experience – I highly recommend her services.”

You are encouraged to visit the link provided to find out more or book an appointment today!

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