Get The Best 2021 HR Certification Preparation Course For HRCI/SHRM Examinations

Jul 8, 2021

Are you worried about your HR certification exams? Then enroll for HR Certified’s August prep program that offers live assessment prep, one-to-one feedback, and over 900 pages of course content for both HRCI and SHRM examinations.

Are you working towards an HRCI or SHRM certification? Would you like an extensive preparation program with expert support and guidance?

HR Certified has announced the time-sensitive enrollment period for its HR Certification Prep program in August 2021 if you are looking for a comprehensive course to help you prepare for HRCI or SHRM certification exams. 

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The course provides you with a 13-week program with on-demand content, live exam preparations, practice assessments, and one-to-one coaching. 

Earning an HR qualification can greatly help progress your career prospects within the HR industry, as well as your long-term salary potential and credibility. However, preparing for exam certifications can be a stressful experience due to the amount of information required, as well as the actual sitting of the examinations. HR Certified are helping students like you be better prepared with the launch of their latest training program.

The 13-week course includes a wide range of content and resources designed to give you a complete program covering both HRCI and SHRM certifications requirements. The topics include the application of best practice methodologies for managing employee relationships, executing changes in the workplace, and understanding competitive total rewards packages. 

HR Certified’s program provides over 900 pages of web-based content on five functional areas, as well as 18 practice assessments and 60 modules of supplemental content. You also receive feedback on your work, with scores and performance breakdowns that assist with your continued learning throughout the course. A video that details HR Certified and their work can be found at

To help you prepare for examinations, the program also includes prep strategies that help ensure you will pass your certification. The support structure of the course consists of up to three one-to-one sessions with instructors and a community group where students can connect and support each other.

With the course starting in August 2021 and enrollment closing on July 31st, HR Certification recommends that you apply as early as possible to reserve your place in advance. Additionally, to help with the course costs, the company offers both one-time payments and an interest-free FlexPay option to split the cost over four installments. 

A spokesperson for the company said, “We have created a learning journey that is full of energy, highly engaging, and more importantly relatable so you can maximize your investment and potential.”

Pass your HRCI and SHRM exams by enrolling in HR Certified’s comprehensive 13-week prep program today!

For more information, you can visit where you can read more about the course content.

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