Get The Auto Part You Need For The Best Price In Tucson Mesa & Phoenix AZ – Now 50% Off

Mar 18, 2017

Pick A Part is the largest auto salvage yard in the US, with three locations throughout Arizona. If you need an auto part for the cheapest price you’ll ever get, visit one of the Pick A Part yards in Mesa, Tucson or Phoenix – bring your own tools and get your parts with a limited 50% discount!

Pick A Part, an auto salvage company with locations throughout Arizona, announced updated services available for clients in Tucson, Mesa and Phoenix.

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Used auto parts can be an effective way to save money, with current prices up to 70% lower. As new parts produced by certain brands are often relatively expensive, many vehicle owners opt for used parts as a reliable, more affordable options.

However, a common misconception that used auto parts are poor quality is still relatively widespread. While certain auto parts that can be found in auto salvage yards are seriously damaged, customers can still find plenty of fully-functional parts that can be safely re-used.

Pick A Part is an auto wrecker based in Arizona, currently serving its clients in three locations throughout the state. The company recently announced a 50% discount on all parts for clients in Tucson, Mesa and Phoenix.

The company currently has several thousand vehicles available for interested clients. Pick A Part operates on a self-service policy, allowing its clients to choose and remove the vehicle parts they are interested in.

Striving to provide complete transparency and reliability, the company has listed the inventories for all three locations on its website. The salvage yards offer a wide range of vehicles of different types and brands, with the company currently providing one of the most comprehensive inventories in the country.

Furthermore, the website also includes a list of prices for all three locations. Clients can see a comprehensive list of all products available in each of the Pick A Part salvage yards by visiting the above-mentioned website.

The company has a safety-first policy requiring all clients to wear proper clothes and shoes, bring their own equipment – carts are provided - and come without children or pets.

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