Get Shivers Down Your Spine With These Tingle-Inducing ASMR Audio Podcasts

Jan 18, 2021

A new ASMR audio station has been launched by Vurbl. The station includes soothing sounds that trigger the tingling sensation associated with ASMR.

Experience the tingling, soothing sensation you crave with these ASMR sounds from Vurbl, the world’s largest collection of complimentary audios!

Vurbl, a company that provides a platform for podcasts, radio broadcasts, and audiobooks, has launched a new station called Vurbl ASMR.

Go to for more information on the launch.

The new launch provides audio selections for ASMR enthusiasts. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It is often experienced as a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling feeling in response to a specific stimulus, such as paper tearing and whispering voices.

The new Vurbl ASMR channel promises to send shivers down your spine with its surplus of ASMR audio offerings and extensive choice of complimentary ASMR podcasts, that include soothing sounds that trigger the sensation.

The recently launched listening station has already been populated with numerous ASMR audios. These include sounds such as hair cutting, umbrella rain, ASMR bedtime stories for falling asleep, satisfying ASMR sounds to aid relaxation, immersive sounds from nature, and many more.

Some of the most popular ASMR audios on the station include sounds to help listeners sleep and relax, ASMR rain recordings and ASMR creative whispers.

On the newly launched ASMR station page, you will find a featured audio, a selection of playlists, and a list of the newest available audio to choose from, as well as a favorite stations section in the sidebar.

The launch encourages you to subscribe to receive an array of benefits. Subscribed listeners will be kept up to date with the newest available audios on the ASMR station. Selections will also appear in your library, and subscribers can also access saved audio and view their listening history.

Vurbl is a company based in the United States that finds and organizes the world of audio, including audio products, such as audiobooks, podcasts, and old-time radio broadcasts and provides the world’s largest complimentary selection of audio.

They provide a platform for businesses and individuals to broadcast their voice by uploading their own audio.

The platform has a wide range of audio stations, including Vurbl News, Mindful, Music, How To, Travel, Comedy, Gaming, Finance, True Crime, and many more.

Are you ready to sit back, listen, and trigger the sensation of ASMR?

Go to the URL above for more info on Vurbl and the new launch of their ASMR station.

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