Get Secure Data Wiping Before PC Equipment Resale & Recycling In Farmingdale

Feb 20, 2024

Are you looking to get rid of your IT systems and want to avoid everything going to landfill? Call IT Asset Management Group at +1-877-625-4872!

Whether you're getting rid of old tech due to an office move or you're upgrading your hardware and need to offload the old stuff, IT Asset Management Group can help!

They offer efficient disposition and liquidation of IT products, while using the latest data-destruction services to maintain security - always meeting or exceeding NIST 800-88 and regulatory guidelines. You can also reduce environmental impact by using responsible recycling rather than landfills.

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Secure destruction, shipping & recycling

The full range of services available as part of the offerings from IT Asset Management Group include hard drive shredding with certificates of destruction provided, and data center removal and relocation, with all materials disassembled and packed for secure shipping.

“Dealing with ITAMG has been a privilege to my company. They are very fast and efficient which allows for a smooth process from start to finish,” said one recent customer.

Reduce landfill waste

With an estimated 50 million tons of electronic waste discarded globally each year according to a report from Sciencing, computers and IT systems present pressing environmental challenges. ITAMG says much of this waste ends up in landfills, where hazardous materials can leach into soil and groundwater.

The company offers solutions that eliminate this issue through secure data destruction, maximum asset value recapture, and responsible recycling. The team works closely with you to develop customized disposition plans meeting data privacy, compliance, and sustainability goals.

Cash in on your old IT equipment

For gear retaining residual value, IT Asset Management Group oversees sales to used equipment dealers, returning cash to you that can be reinvested in your business.

Other items are recycled domestically under strict environmental protocols. Printers, computers, servers, and accessories are disassembled for commodity recovery, with certifications affirming responsible recycling practices, safeguarding workers and communities.

The company also provides ongoing lifecycle management services, monitoring equipment age, maintenance costs, and other metrics you can use to determine optimal replacement cycles. Proactively refreshing hardware before failures or excessive repairs accrue avoids expensive downtime while maximizing productivity - and ongoing support can identify the right solutions at the right time to maintain reliable, high-performing IT environments, the team adds.

A spokesperson states: “IT Asset Management Group provides clean, safe, and secure removal of redundant IT assets. We help organizations reclaim the most value back from retired equipment and safely dispose of any regulated electronics waste that cannot be reused.”

Get the best local computer recycling and data destruction services for your business!

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