Get Screened-In Porch Installed for Your Austin House To Add Property Value

Apr 6, 2024

Get a screened-in port or retractable screens for your Austin home installed by Nu-View (512-918-8904) for a budget-friendly outdoor living space alternative to a sunroom!

Summer is great and all, but if you live in Austin, you know it's going to be a scorcher. So, how can you enjoy the outside without feeling like you're being grilled by the sun? Contact Nu-View, experts in the design and installation of custom outdoor living spaces, to find the best solution for your home!

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Nu-View specializes in sunrooms but also offers budget-friendly options like screened-in porches and retractable screens. These guys will help you find the perfect alternative depending on the existing main building, your budget and your wishes.

Custom Outdoor Space Design for Hot Summer Days

With summer approaching, many are looking for ways to shade an outdoor lounge area to be able to enjoy the weather without burning or getting too hot. Nu-View has almost 30 years of experience designing and installing screen rooms and more, adding the availability of retractable screens in 2023, offering protection from Austin's hot climate.

High ROI on Cooling Screen Room 

More than being an enjoyable space for entertaining, installing an outdoor living solution can add to your property's value. According to, you can expect a 50-75% return on a screened porch project depending on factors like the quality of materials and features like fans and lighting.

By getting a screened-in porch installed, you get protection from direct sun while still having a well-ventilated space, meaning it's possible to place a grill on the patio without worrying about hazardous smoke. In addition to offering a comfortable area for hosting during hot days, a screen room will also protect you from light rain and being pestered by bugs. 

Reduce Energy Use With Retractable Screens

By adding retractable screens to large glazed areas, you can transform a room into a shaded outdoor area that connects the inside with the outside. Nu-View offers VC-coated solar screen fabric that blocks out 90% of the sunlight, reducing the need for expensive ventilation and cooling. The screens can be set up to be activated by a button or by an automated home system for remote control and can be combined with clear weather curtains to block out the wind. Additionally, the screens are made of the same hurricane-safe material as ballistic body armor, meaning you have smart protection from flying debris. 

"At Nu-View, we're passionate about creating spaces that bring joy, relaxation, and a sense of connection to nature. Step into your own little paradise, where you can escape, unwind, and revel in the beauty that surrounds you," a spokesperson for the company said.

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