Get Relief From Nasal Dryness With This Natural Oxygen Hygiene Therapy Spray

Dec 31, 2022

Does your nose get inflamed, dry, or sore over the winter period? Then add the bio-oxidative defender spray from Iamoxygen to your daily self-care routine!

Get Relief From Nasal Dryness With This Natural Oxygen Hygiene Therapy Spray

The arrival of winter brings frost, festivity, family gatherings - and flu season! Get the Defender hygiene therapy spray from Iamoyxgen to soothe and hydrate your irritated nasal passages!

The spray’s bioavailable oxygen properties make it capable of maintaining a protective barrier against nasal dryness and irritation during the colder period.

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The ‘Defender Nasal Hygiene Therapy’ product was formulated based on medical research that suggested that keeping your nasal passages oxygenated during winter can dispel the anaerobic toxins that would otherwise cause pain, inflammation, and dryness.

Iamoxygen advocates for daily nasal hygiene, believing that it is equally as important as washing your hands and brushing your teeth. Backed by research into the benefits of bio-oxidative and ozone therapies, the liquid oxygen spray may mitigate pathogenic invasion and viral replication in order to promote healthy nasal flora.

It has been created using a 100% natural formula, containing a concentrate of 350,000 PPM of bio-available stabilized active oxygen, dissolved in distilled water and Atlantic sea salt. Moreover, the spray contains trace minerals zinc and selenium, which will support your cell immunity and metabolism.

With balanced pH levels of your internal nasal passages, your mucus membranes can better fight disease and eliminate excess acids, returning your body to a state of homeostasis. While its immunity-boosting properties ensure that you can use it as a precaution against respiratory illnesses, the oxygen spray may also alleviate any cold, flu, and rhinitis symptoms you already have.

In addition to combating winter dryness, you can use the spray year-round to neutralize environmental pollutants, free radicals, and allergens such as pollen. Once inserted and sprayed into your nose, the concentrate cleanses your nostrils and sinuses, dispelling the mucus, dust, bacteria, viruses, and fungi that build up over time.

Alongside delivering a potent dose of oxygen, the infusion hydrates mucus membranes and eases congestion. As such, it is also appropriate for use before and after you attend large gatherings to cleanse your nose of potential bacteria and toxins, as well as while you travel during the holiday period. Iamoxygen’s entire range of vegan and cruelty-free concentrates are produced in a US-based GMP facility under strict quality controls.

Iamoxygen champions oxygen, ozone, and bio-oxidative therapies for their hydrating and immunity-boosting abilities - visit the online store today to discover the benefits of bioavailable oxygen!

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