Get Qualified Electrical Contractors For Hot Tub Installations In Red Hill, PA

Oct 26, 2021

Electrical work shouldn’t be done by any bright spark with a screwdriver. Homeowners in Pottstown, Norristown, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas might be shocked to know about the affordable, expert services now offered by Omega Electric (610-473-2262).

Did you know your knob could be dangerous? Knob and tube electrical wiring, that is. If you’re remodeling your Pennsylvania home, you really need an expert to help with the electrics.

You don’t need to take our word for it, because this Red Hill-based contractor was awarded ‘Best of 2020’ by Porch. No job is too big or small, and they can help you with knob and tube rewiring, outlets and switches, indoor and outdoor lighting, and much more.

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House prices are pretty crazy these days, and you might have thought about some handy work to give your home a new look. While you might fancy your skills with a hammer, electrics should really be left to the pros. Luckily enough, that doesn’t mean spending a fortune, because Omega Electric caters specifically to residential work.

It is uncertain when the current housing bubble will burst, but an increasing number of American households are realizing that it is better to improve their current investment rather than relocate. Given the modern reliance on electrical devices, it is not surprising that many home refurbishment projects require some form of electrical work.

You might want additional outlets to recharge all those devices, or some fancy recessed lighting to give your living room a new touch of style. Either way, these guys have seen and done it all before, and they guarantee their work.

In particular, older buildings undergoing remodeling may contain knob and tube wiring. These systems were common during the early 1900s, but are now largely obsolete and sometimes considered a safety hazard. When properly maintained and serviced, however, your knob and tube wiring is not inherently dangerous. Omega Electric technicians can now inspect and repair such systems, as well as replacing them with more modern installations if you want.

Other things the team can help you with include exterior lighting, wiring for a new hot tub or spa, or hook-ups for your home appliances.

About Omega Electric

Founded over a decade ago, Omega Electric is a family-owned business that is certified by the International Code Council (ICC). Employees undertake up to 32 hours of continuing education, which significantly exceeds the Pennsylvania state requirement of 8 hours. With the latest announcement, the contractor aims to bring its high-quality and affordable electrical services to more homeowners across the region.

A satisfied client stated: “The technicians were professional and courteous. They worked diligently and expeditiously. I am very satisfied with the work performed and the time taken to complete the task.”

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