Get Professional Dog Bathing With Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning In Bryant, Long Beach

Feb 28, 2024

If your dog’s in need of a nice, long bath, give them a pawsitively pleasant experience with the professionals at Bryant’s Long Beach House of Paw! Call them at (562) 588-7033 to learn more about their comprehensive dog bathing packages today!

As a dog owner, you’re likely aware that your best friend needs a good grooming session from time to time. Of course, a lot goes into dog hair hygiene, so you may be worried that you’re neither trained nor equipped to cover all the bases. In some cases, it’s probably better to get an expert on the job, so if it’s professional bathing and grooming you’re looking for, Long Beach House of Paw can provide! From pomeranians to poodles, all dogs are welcome!

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More Than Just A Makeover

Regardless of how your dog feels about bath time, it’s undeniably an important part of their healthcare regime. According to the ASPCA, proper hair hygiene is essential for every dog breed, particularly those with thick coats. Dogs that aren’t groomed regularly can develop matted fur, which in turn may lead to skin irritation, infections, poor blood circulation, and other unpleasant and potentially life-threatening health conditions. Beauty is more than just skin deep for dogs! 

A Pawsitive, All-Inclusive Experience

To keep your fur babies healthy, you are encouraged to groom them regularly. Conveniently, Long Beach House of Paw offers such services at their establishment, and their Bath & Brush Package is perfect for any dog in need of professional bathing - or any dog owner in need of professional assistance!

As part of their services, the company’s groomers will bathe your dog with high-quality clarifying shampoo and hypoallergenic, tear-free face wash, ensuring that he or she suffers no adverse reactions to any hair care products used. Following the cleaning, groomers will blow-dry and thoroughly brush your dog’s fur to remove any tangles or mats. Your dog will also receive a nail trim, ear cleaning, and teeth cleaning during the appointment. Now that’s comprehensive! Talk about all-inclusive service!

Furthermore, each session will include a complimentary wellness exam, during which the groomer will check your dog’s eyes, ears, teeth, skin, and weight for any signs of an underlying health issue. Should they discover any abnormalities, they will notify you immediately. 

Ideally, there won’t be anything wrong with your pup at all, but if there is, early detection will help you ensure that he or she gets treatment before things get any worse.

Your Dog Care Pawtner

Driven by their love for animals, the founders of Long Beach House of Paw strove to create a safe and comfortable environment for dogs. The company remains committed to providing the highest standard of care to all animals in their establishment.

A satisfied customer said: “They took really great care of my dog. He came out looking so cute! I’ll definitely be recommending this place to my friends.”

The notion of a bath may be intimidating for both you and your dog for various reasons, but it doesn’t have to be with Long Beach House of Paw in the picture. Schedule an appointment with them and watch their pros work their magic! Your dog is guaranteed to come running back for more!

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