Get Practical Advice To Successfully Transition Into First-Time Leadership Roles

May 31, 2021

An updated edition of ‘7 Unstoppable Starting Powers,’ by Olusegun Eleboda, has been launched. The book gives you real-life advice and practical tips for making your first year in management and leadership a success.

Are you transitioning into a new leadership role? Would you like advice and insight into how to have a rewarding first year?

Olusegun Eleboda has announced the launch of his updated book ‘7 Unstoppable Starting Powers: Powerful Strategies For Unparalleled Results From Your First Year as a New Leader’ to help first-time managers like you find success in your new role.

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The recently updated book from the creative leadership coach offers you practical tips and insights that you can implement as a manager when transitioning into your new position, as well as learning how you can take advantage of your first-time experiences.

When starting out in a new management or leadership role, there are many challenges and events that you will have to face. Furthermore, knowing how you can successfully handle and adapt to these challenges can often shape your working and personal life in the future. Olusegun Eleboda’s latest book provides guidance and advice that can help you with your transition.

‘7 Unstoppable Starting Powers’ covers practical areas of leadership, such as building a high-performing team, managing time effectively, and navigating business politics. For these areas, Olusegun Eleboda uses his own real-life experiences and knowledge to give you information that can not only bring you success but also prevent you from making the same mistakes that many new leaders make in their first year.

The newly updated book also includes sections on developing a leadership mindset and how this can improve your performance and help you deliver better results. The techniques and skills included in ‘7 Unstoppable Starting Powers’ can be implemented by leaders of all levels, as well as by entrepreneurs, if you are looking to increase your ability to inspire and lead others.

Olusegun Eleboda has over twenty years of experience in the industry as a business transformation strategist and has become known as ‘Canada’s Creative Leadership Coach.’ His updated book has already been a bestseller in several countries worldwide, and the updated edition is now available in both eBook and paperback formats. The US edition can be seen here

A recent reviewer of the book said, “This book gives you the tools to be successful in a management role and gives you skills for overall success in life. The tips and tricks to make your employees feel valued and increase productivity organically are very eye-opening.”

Discover how to make your first year as a leader a success with Olusegun Eleboda’s updated book ‘7 Unstoppable Starting Powers’ today!

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