Get Online Or At-Home Personalized High School Math Tutoring In Rockville Centre

Sep 24, 2022

If education begins at home, make sure your kids are getting the academic support they need to survive and thrive in an ever-competitive world. For flexible, hybrid extra-curricular coaching in math and English, call RJB Tutoring! (347-467-0558)

Get Online Or At-Home Personalized High School Math Tutoring In Rockville Centre

Are your kids falling behind at school? If you've reached the limit of your own abilities to help them with math or English, call the experts at RJB Tutoring - online or in-person private coaching to get your children back up to speed!

An expert team of specialist teachers will help your kids keep pace with academic learning. The company offers specialized coaching for students in elementary, middle, and high school.

Don't let your kids fall through the cracks, RJB Tutoring Services gets them back on track! More details at

The company takes a conscientious approach to extra-curricular tutoring. This includes a detailed consultation call with you and your children to assess and discuss their academic needs. Based on this, a specialist tutor will be assigned to give them the support they need to overcome their educational challenges.

According to MarketWatch, the private tutoring market is growing year on year across the world. The global pandemic witnessed an unprecedented shutdown of normal school operations, leaving millions of students to study at home without the same level of academic support. Data from Zippia suggests there are currently around 300,000 tutors working in the US at this time, underlining the demand for extra learning support across the school system.

All RJB tutors are certified teachers and specialists in their chosen subjects. The company carries out meticulous background checks on all of its teaching staff to ensure that all pupils receive the highest standards of teaching from a qualified and verified professional. You can also view the tutor's resume before lessons commence.

Lessons are available both in person and online to ensure children can access support in a way that fits with their schedules. Specialized and individualized instruction is available for standardized tests such as Common Core, Regents, SAT, and ACT.

You can book sessions in blocks of 12, 24, or 48 hours with rates decreasing in line with the length of the chosen program. The bigger the block, the bigger the discount.

About RJB Tutoring

Led by director Romual Jean-Baptiste, the agency has been helping to plug the gaps left by the education system since 2010. He is a New York state-certified Special Educator and a graduate of Queens College and Stony Brook and St. John's universities.

A spokesperson says, “Our tutors are New York State certified teachers and subject specialists who are passionate about education and working with kids. They’re constantly going above and beyond the call of duty.”

RJB Tutoring sets the standard for private academic coaching in Rockville Centre and the wider Queens, NY area. Find out why for yourself.

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Give your kids the best possible start in life with RJB Tutoring!

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