Get More Leads & Increase Sales With Michael Tasner Digital Marketing Book For Online Business

Jan 15, 2018

A new marketing book has been launched by the CEO of No Joke Marketing, called “No Joke Guide To Generating 100 Leads in 100 Days: The Only Solution To Maximize Your Marketing Fast”. It offers expert tips on lead generation and marketing strategies.

Michael Tasner, the CEO and Founder of No Joke Marketing, has published a new book that is available on Amazon. Called the “No Joke Guide To Generating 100 Leads in 100 Days: The Only Solution To Maximize Your Marketing Fast”, it was written from the ground up to help businesses succeed in the increasingly competitive online market.

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Many business owners wonder why their competitors succeed seemingly so easily, while other businesses fail. The answer is simply that those succeeding are the ones that truly understand digital marketing and its power.

The Generating 100 Leads Book showcases how, when a company’s marketing is firing on all cylinders, it makes most of the other challenges they face go away instantly. The book is dedicated to helping businesses to fire up their marketing engines and make a success of the company online.

Whether the reader is just starting out, or is the owner of a fully fledged company, it can help provide the solid foundation for marketing success. Using the book as a guide, anyone can develop lead generation strategies and create a plan for growing their business.

No Joke Marketing was created to help clients build a strong online presence, get more leads, and improve sales. This is because it understands how marketing can make the biggest impact on the success of any business, and strives to help clients achieve their best results.

One of the things that sets No Joke Marketing apart from the competition is that it has a dedication to providing the best service. It aims to always deal in total transparency, offering tracking on its services and real results.

Launched in 2014, it was developed to provide highly effective, tailored marketing strategies for online businesses. The new book from the company’s CEO is the latest venture in ensuring clients get the best digital marketing service.

Michael Tasner also offers businesses a quick 15-minute discovery call where he tailors his methods to each specific business. Interested parties can apply at

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