Get Melting Wax Caution Tags For Soy Candle Jars From This Wholesale Supplier

Sep 24, 2021

For the best melting wax warning stickers at knockdown prices, the guys at WG Wholesale Inc. have got you covered. Health and safety has never looked so stylish. Order yours today from the Amazon store.

If you’re looking for a neat solution to cautionary labels for your candle-making business, check out the new safety tags from WG Wholesale Inc. today!

As health and safety becomes a growing concern for both business owners and consumers, the Madison Heights, MI-based wholesaler has just announced a range of warning decals for artisan candle makers.

The launch offers you waterproof, self-adhesive safety stickers for soy candles from the Season 4 Sparkles brand. The new safety tags provide strong adhesion to any surface and are compliant with ASTM and NCA hazard information standards.

Tick all those health and safety boxes with stylish stickers from WG Wholesale Inc. More details at

If you run an arts and crafts business, the company’s latest release provides you with a simple and affordable way to fulfill your health and safety obligations. The stickers offer an elegant and subtle solution to the necessity of instructions and caution labels on flammable products.

According to an article published by Consolidated Label Co., all candles offered for purchase should feature a cautionary label, sticker, or tag advising consumers of the main hazards of improper use. The main instructions that must be displayed are “keep away from children”, “burn within sight”, and “keep away from things that may catch fire”. These are the requirements set out by ASTM International.

The candle sticker sheets each contain 20 decals. Orders can be placed through the Amazon store and ship with a total of 1000 pieces—ideal for small craft supply businesses producing limited numbers of items. The labels fit neatly onto the underside, or the front, of candle jars, adding a tasteful, professional touch to your inventory.

Each sheet contains 4 different sticker designs, each imparting the same information in a different color, style, and font. This ensures you can choose an option best suited to your particular soy candle product and accompanying holder or jar.

The stickers are 2 inches in diameter, featuring a combination of clear text and graphics to clearly communicate the necessary safety information.

The company is part of GNC Communications Inc., an umbrella group that comprises other retail outlets such as Wireless Giant, Sprint, and ZZ Market & Grill. Since its inception in 1995, WGW has secured distribution rights for many well-known brands.

A spokesperson says, “We offer personalized candle labels that are perfect in size and easy to apply on any smooth and clean surface. Just detach a sticker from the sheet and stick it on your candle jars.”

With its latest launch, WG Wholesale Inc. continues to provide smart and economical solutions for safety information display in the retail sector.

If you’re on the hunt for elegant safety labels for soy wax tapers, no one holds a candle to WG Wholesale Inc. Find out more here:

Whether your candle business is a large or small concern, you will need to meet the ASTM standards for fire safety. Make sure you give your customers the information they need in a way that complements your brand. For stickers on wicks, WG Wholesale gets those boxes ticked!

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